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Best Selling Pure CBD Elevated To Featured CBD Brand For 2018 On HealthFoodPost

Industry: Food and Drink

New Brunswick, NJ (PRUnderground) February 6th, 2018

A best selling pure CBD brand has been elevated to featured brand status on HealthFoodPost, a popular destination for athletes and fitness enthusiasts since 2012, see here

While relatively new for many people, CBD is one of the more popular fitness related ingredients to come along in decades. The brand gaining the featured brand slot is a popular choice for many consumers based on number of basic criteria. First, the product is organic. Additionally, its’ key ingredient CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is quality tested by an independent laboratory to ensure that the ingredient is free of pesticides or other contaminants. It is also one of a handful of CBD products that offers a bare minimum of ingredients consisting of just the CBD itself and a carrier oil. Many competing offer products with a number of unnecessary ingredients such as sweeteners such as Stevia, various vegetable oils, which many consumers wish to avoid, in addition to unnecessary flavorings. Another likely factor attracting consumers is the fact that this particular brand offers the best customer satisfaction policy among the various CBD companies with a stated 90-day money back customer satisfaction guarantee.

The ingredient CBD comes in a number of forms including CBD oil, CBD edibles, CBD vaping products and other forms. The substance is mostly derived from industrial hemp from either the United States or Western Europe. While CBD is related to the cannabis plant most CBD products have either miniscule amounts of the euphoria producing THC or zero levels of THC. The takeaway is that none of the popular CBD products sold nationally produces any sort of marijuana type euphoric experience.

HealthFoodPost is especially popular with Paleo followers and the sites’ motto is they believe in real food, not synthetic foods or supplements. Other popular products on HealthFoodPost include Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen. Collagen powder products have been extremely popular over recent years and the Perfect brand is especially popular with Paleo enthusiasts. Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen is made from Brazilian pasture-raised grass fed cows untouched by any hormones, antibiotics, chemicals or pesticides. The Perfect brand collagen product is made in the USA and its’ ingredients are lab-tested by a certified testing lab as part of the company’s’ quality control regimen. They also feature organic plant protein powders as well as specialty natural products such as authentic rhodiola rosea sourced from Siberia. Another popular product featured is a product called Perfect Desiccated Liver, which is made exclusively from grass-fed free-range cattle.

HealthFoodPost advises consumers to always consult with a licensed physician or pharmacist before beginning any supplementation program, especially for persons with underlying medical conditions, or who are pregnant or breastfeeding

About HealthFoodPost is an A+ Rated BBB (Better Business Bureau) Accredited online service based in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA providing fitness and nutrition news, feature stories, and discounted shopping for premium specialty fitness products.

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