Better Butter Launches Line of Unique Whipped Blends of Organic cocoa, Shea & Coconut Butters to Enhance & Restore Skin’s Beauty

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Healthy, vibrant, youthful skin can make a person shine. Better Butter can help in a quite magical way, leaving skin renewed.

Germantown, MD (PRUnderground) June 18th, 2020

There’s good news for people who are looking to enhance, restore, repair and improve their skin’s true beauty in a safe, harmful chemical-free way. In exciting news, Better Butter has celebrated the launch of its brand of natural and organic body butters, all made with the aim and intent to help users love the skin they are in. Currently, three options are available. All feature natural oils and vitamins, with customizable options for different skin care goals. Customers have responded with enthusiasm.

“We saw a place where we could bring value to the growing number of people who want to treat their skin the way it deserves,” commented a spokesperson from Better Butter. “The big differences in your skin’s appearance can be seen quickly when using our body butters daily. Even some serious skin problems, have drastically improved when customers use our product instead of some others on the market.”

The three natural and organic body butters available now from Better Butter, include Better Butter Basic, Better Butter Tropica’l, and Better Butter Zen.

Better Butter Basic is a unique blend of organic cocoa, shea and coconut butters with all-natural oils and vitamins.

Better Butter Tropica’l is a unique blend of organic mango, shea and coconut butters with all-natural oils and vitamins.

Better Butter Zen is the same as Basic, but it is also infused with natural white sage for its super relaxing properties that can strengthen focus and spiritual energy.

Special treatment options can be added to any of the three Better Butter® options to meet these special needs:

  • exfoliation crystals – acne repair – dark spot / blemish / scar fader – stretch mark repair – and cellulite repair.

The feedback for the new brand has been quick, positive and passionate.

Maria K., recently said in a five-star review, “My skin has never felt so amazing. Applying the ‘Mars Cedar’ scented Better Butter, is like going on a mini vacation, every time.”

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We create organic body butter with a special blend of organic oils and vitamins.

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