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Blake Ridder Announces Kickstarter for Original Terrifying Horror Film About Climate Change “Outlive”

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“Outlive” is a horror film that comes from a unique, shocking perspective. So original there's no easy way to raise funding, without 'proof of concept' in hand. The team behind the film has turned to Kickstarter to solve this problem through the help of horror and other film fans.

London, England (PRUnderground) July 11th, 2019

Horror films can generally be broken down into several different genres. It is quite rare when one steps outside these boxes and raises the levels of suspense and terror in a totally new and unique way. “Outlive”, now in its planning stage and preparing to get together “proof-of-concept” scenes, is one of these rare films. Challenged being able to raise funds to bring the film to life in “traditional” ways filmmaker, Director, and author Blake Ridder has announced a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to bring together some key scenes from “Outlive” to show potential supporters the shocking vision behind the film and get them on board to bring the whole groundbreaking movie to life.

“I am very excited about ‘Outlive’ and not only will it be a movie that terrifies in the best horror film tradition but it also carries a message that is eye-opening and timely,” commented the clearly passionate Ridder. “For me, this is the kind of horror movie which has always had the most lasting impact and I think fans will agree when ‘Outlive’ is funded and released, giving them a chance to see how powerful, and frightening, a vision and overall feel it carries.”

The Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the movie’s proof of concept scenes is aimed at raising $1,880 and is set to end on August 19th, 2019. It is an “all-or-nothing” campaign, which means if the project is not completely funded donors will not be charged. Many different perks have been assigned according to donation amount, some highlights include getting a copy of the special Director’s Cut; access to special “behind the scenes” footage; and winning a limited edition “Outlive” t-shirt, sure to be an awesome conversation piece among film fans.

Ridder sees the film as something that people will be talking about long after watching, perhaps even spurring on some thoughtful and challenging debate rather than something watched for 90 minutes and forgotten 90 minutes later. This could even create a shift in some horror filmmakers willingness to be more creative, inspire young filmmakers to think outside the box in both plot writing and funding sources, as well as see Ridder explore the genre more in his future work, if “Outlive” is well-embraced.

“Outlive”, if funded, anticipates having their “proof” scenes ready by October 2019, which is roughly when supporters would see their perks begin (some, like shirts, aiming at November 2019 due to production and shipping requirements.)

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About Blake Ridder

Based in London, the UK, Blake Ridder was born in Shanghai, China, later moved to UK with his parents at the age of nine. He is an English actor, Director and writer.

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