Blaux Portable AC: The Personal Air Conditioning Cooler Fan of the Summer

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The new Blaux Portable AC is here in timely fashion as consumers buckle up to beat the summer heatwave by using a personal air conditioning unit as a mini space cooler.

Chicago, IL (PRUnderground) June 19th, 2020

The standalone portable air conditioning unit from Blaux is the portable AC you’ve always wanted and never knew about, until now. The Blaux Portable AC is the perfect partner for a hot summer day as this personal air conditioner is the talk of the town and has taken the country by storm here in the United States.

For a limited introductory price, consumers can buy the Blaux Portable AC unit for a 50% discount and save even more if opting to buy more than once.

One may quickly realize you can always stay comfortable and cool while enjoying the portable convenience of the highly-sought after Blaux Portable AC. Moreover, the AC unit can is also a cordless air cooler with multiple air blowing speeds and functions. Whether you prefer to use it as a humidifier to filter the dust particles or merely as a regular fan, the choice is yours and has travel-ready compatibility that make it a top-ranked portable A/C unit on the market.

It does not matter whether you are currently enduring the hottest days of the month; this product always gives users the values of trouble-free operation, without a hassle.

You will also find it amazingly simple in design and easy to use; as soon as you open the box and unwrap the product, you will find it easy to set up and rev to go. Yes, Blaux personal fan will boost your indoor experience the moment you come back into the house from a hot summer outing.

You do not have to endure the unbearable summer heat indoors just because you do not have the proper air-conditioning system at home. In Blaux portable AC, you have a rechargeable desktop air conditioner and humidifier that provides you with long-lasting relief in the hottest days of the season.

Who Can Use Blaux Portable AC?

Because Blaux portable AC is highly versatile equipment, it can be used by a variety of people; it does not have a specific target or group of users. As long as anyone needs to cool down when the temperatures are high, this equipment will help manage the situation.

Regardless, the AC is suitable for tenants who reside in apartments that do not have an air conditioning system. The AC is particularly useful in attic flats which do not have sufficient insulation. In such a situation, when the tenant gets an extra cooling mechanism, this will generally help to boost circulation as well as improve the likelihood of better sleep at night.

Because it weighs light and comes with practical dimensions, the AC is a suitable machine to carry to the office or other workplace. Moreover, since a battery powers it, it means you do not need electricity to run it; it also means you won’t be adding extra costs to anyone wherever you use it, including at your workplace. At the end of each use, you just need to switch off the machine’s mini air cooler, and it’s ready to carry home. If your workplace is safe, you could even leave it there for use the next day. The design of the Blaux AC allows for no overheating when used overnight. Thus, it can be a perfect replacement for the traditional bedside fan.

Excellent for People-On-The Go

Since it is compact, lightweight and cordless, Blaux portable AC can conveniently by people on-the-go, including those going out for a camping expedition. Indeed, you can easily carry this AC wherever you are going.

It will help you sustain the temperatures for your own comfort level.

Further, since it features a type-C charging cable, you are guaranteed to remain powered regardless of your location. You can even carry this AC and move from one room to the next without a problem. You can easily take it on a road-trip since it has an attached carrying handle.

This equipment is, thus, versatile and adjustable for use in various locations.

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What Makes the Blaux Portable AC Useful?

With this AC, you can conveniently optimize the cooling operation to what you prefer. You do not need a refill-tank to use this AC. You just need to pour water into the unit, and soon you will enjoy a refreshing wave of humidified air.

Blaux portable AC lets you enjoy the easiest method to manage excess heat during summer.

Whether you wish to take a break from the scorching sun or you merely want to enjoy a cooler temperature in the bedroom.  This amazing AC portable will allow you to take control of the rooms temperature so you can enjoy leisure, or work in a better environment or simply relax.

Further, Blaux portable fan enjoys a distinction that you won’t get in most traditional ACs or fans; it works to increase moisture in the air. In this way, it prevents the drying or irritation of the eyes, nasal passages, or skin.

Blaux Portable AC’s Amazing Features

  • It is cordless.

  • Lightweight.

  • Compact.

  • Comes with a convenient type-C charging cable for mobility and portability

  • Comes in a modern, sleek design

  • Variable louver (directs airflow)

  • Features 3-fan speeds.

  • Cordless operation.

  • Easy top-fill pouring ( no refill tank).

How Should You Use Blaux Portable AC?

  • It is easy:

  • Add water.

  • Pour the water into the top section of the unit.

  • Fix the replaceable water curtain.

  • Turn on the Blaux unit.

Consumers should also note that there is more than just the standalone AC unit from Blaux. The Blaux Portable AC and Wearable AC are meant to work together if needed. Of course the benefits above for the Blaux Portable AC are easy to spot, but the wearable AC device is a personal fan that blows cold air while purifying and humidifying the air around you.

Recommendations From Users

A user from Chicago, IL, says that using this product gives a guarantee that she would always remain comfortable regardless of the existing outside temperatures. She is happy to carry the AC whenever she goes out for camping. Another user from Toronto, Canada, admits that, while the regular fan can be loud when used by the bedside, Blaux portable AC provides the necessary cold air without the bothersome noise. The third user, from Miami, USA, says that the AC is not only easy to move to any location; it always works really well when used next to a reading chair.

Consumers will find several beneficial perks for the Blaux portable AC, both convenient, flexible, and affordable.

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