BlissDivorce® Introduces Online Divorce Mediation Platform as a Low-Cost Divorce Solution

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Created by Silicon Valley-based tech startup, Resolution 8 Technologies, BlissDivorce® provides divorcing couples an alternate way to resolve disputes faster without incurring thousands in legal fees.

Los Altos, CA (PRUnderground) December 17th, 2022

For couples going through a divorce, there are many hurdles to clear, from making custody arrangements to dividing property and assets to developing new routines as a single person. Unfortunately for many, one of the most challenging hurdles to overcome is the financial burden of the divorce itself. With inflation at record-high levels, many couples struggle to pay their lawyer’s retainer and legal fees. Resolution 8 Technologies offers a new solution in their online divorce mediation platform, BlissDivorce®, which promises to streamline divorce negotiations and help couples reach agreements quickly for a flat fee.

Currently available to residents of California, BlissDivorce provides a convenient way to negotiate even the most challenging divorce decisions. While the average divorce in the U.S. costs $26,000, couples who choose BlissDivorce only pay $3,700 plus any state-required filing fees. BlissDivorce is also a time-saver. Users can log into the online platform when it is convenient for them instead of missing work or family events to meet with a lawyer or attend court proceedings.

“Couples divorcing right now face unique challenges,” stated Sheila Tan, CMO and Co-founder of BlissDivorce. “Overwhelmed with financial challenges following the pandemic and years of runaway inflation, many are worried about their jobs and paying off debt. Springing for an expensive lawyer is just not in the budget. BlissDivorce gives them access to all the tools they need to sort through a messy situation to reach an amicable agreement with the help of an expert divorce mediator without breaking the bank.”

Every divorce has its issues that can be challenging to resolve. The proprietary Relationational Dispute ResolutionTM tools on the BlissDivorce Mediation Platform enable couples to reach agreements on complicated or sensitive issues. In addition to the online platform, users have access to five hours of Zoom-based mediation with a professional mediator. Once a couple reaches an agreement, BlissDivorce files the paperwork and ensures it is accepted.

“When a couple gets divorced, there are many things to worry about,” said Tan. “BlissDivorce helps remove some of those concerns from the table. It is rewarding when customers tell me how happy they are that they used BlissDivorce because it saved them time, money, and a lot of headaches. Using the platform, their complicated situation became a cheap, easy online divorce — the process was much easier than they thought it would be.”

To learn more about BlissDivorce® and how they help couples navigate complicated divorce situations online through mediation, call (833) 259-4626 or visit

About BlissDivorce

BlissDivorce provides online self-help services for couples going through the divorce process. They are committed to using technology to make divorce less costly, less time-consuming, and less painful. Hence, helping couples reach an agreement without attorneys.

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