Blue Fountain Media Survey Reveals Employee Attitudes on Remote Work and the Future of Office Space

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Research Suggests While Work Productivity Might be at a High, Roughly 60% of Remote Employees Are Struggling to Maintain Work Relationships

New York, NY (PRUnderground) May 4th, 2020

A survey conducted by Blue Fountain Media,  a leading digital transformation agency based in New York City and a Pactera EDGE Company, reveals many in America’s workforce are wary about returning to a traditional workplace setting and hope recent changes, like working remotely, will become part of the new normal.

The survey of over 1,000 employees, ages 18 – 65, ranging from clerical worker to members of senior management, revealed highly mixed feelings about the recent trend of working remotely from home.

Consider this: 42% of CEOs and senior managers admit to actually being more productive working remotely. While 57% of staff and clerical workers reported feeling that they’re less productive working remotely, 22% of those claim it’s only because they don’t have the same resources to do their jobs well.

“There’s no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has been a game-changing disruptor to the corporate workspace,” said Brian Byer, General Manager at Blue Fountain Media. “We wanted to get a keener sense of how employees are managing the new reality of working remotely and if those technologies are going to reshape the post-pandemic workplace. Our survey reveals it largely depends on what level of management you ask.”

45% of respondents, ages 45-60, believe that remote work WILL eventually replace physical offices, as we enter the post-pandemic world. Although one interesting finding in the survey, which was released today, is that the younger workers – those expected to embrace technologies – don’t think the remote-work model is here to stay. 41% of respondents, ages 18-29, felt that remote work will NOT replace physical offices in the post-pandemic workplace, although 19% feel that employees should have both options, remote work and a physical office space.

Here are some of the survey’s chief findings:

Stress Levels:  44% of CEOs and board members have reported that their stress level has actually decreased since working remotely, 32% cite that it’s somewhat liberating. Compared to the nearly half of staff and clerical workers (46%) say their stress level has increased since working remotely, with 27% of those claiming it has nothing to do with remote work.

Health & Appearance: With showing up at the office no longer a requirement, 20% of respondents admit that they are not practicing healthy habits, and, instead, are eating and drinking more – and letting their health routines lapse entirely.

Work Relationships: A whopping 60% of respondents find it difficult to manage or maintain work relationships while working remotely, with 28% claiming they miss interacting with co-workers even if they do get more work done remotely.

“While technology can make our work lives easier and consumer experiences more productive, it’s clear the social and human aspects of work are still a very important part of the mix,” said Byer. “It will interesting to see what balance is struck between the two as businesses set up shop in the post-COVID reality.”

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