Botswana No.1 online automotive marketplace AutoGuide is now on CarMagazine

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The major online marketplace for buying and selling new & used cars in Botswana entered into a partnership with Car Magazine in order to get additional space for advertising its clients stock uploaded to via DealerLogin platform.

Botswana (PRUnderground) January 29th, 2020

Step by step is how big things are done eventually. Just like DealerLogin network that had been started with only 1 project in South Africa, which was the online marketplace for selling new and used cars, and grew up to 10 countries developing not only its own product, but also being the general subcontractor to the major South African automotive media – Car Magazine

That’s actually how DealerLogin’s team came up with an idea to set up a partnership between one of its own branches, AutoGuide Botswana and CarMag, as being a developer of the web version of CarMag, DealerLogin’s team has access to web portal’s statistics which shows quite a big number of visitors from Botswana. Thus it was natural to assume that CarMag might be a good place to additionally advertise cars uploaded to AutoGuide in order to get some extra potential leads back to AutoGuide’s Botswana customers.

And so after all arrangements and preparations were completed, DealerLogin launched a data feed to CarMag on the 27th of January and all stock of car dealers who advertise on AutoGuide is now presented in Cars for Sale section of the web magazine. 

The whole DealerLogin’s team was excited with that as it was one more big step towards further improvement of its service ensuring bigger audience coverage along with high advertising efficiency as CarMag visitors would be targeted audience interested in buying a new or second hand car sometime. 

And despite the fact that some car dealers operating in Botswana can not be presented on CarMag due to territorial restrictions applied by their franchise agreements, the idea implemented leaves no doubt that DealerLogin’s management is on top of the latest trends in online marketing and developing data sharing tools.

About DealerLogin

DealerLogin is a Business Management System designed mainly for the automotive industry. It provides tools that allow simple yet efficient ways of administering inventory and sharing product data across the Internet.

The product helps a car dealer not only with stock management and data sharing, but most importantly it helps to analyze the efficiency of all advertising platforms which leads to a more intelligent decision making when planning a marketing budget.

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