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Braidtech Set to Launch Revolutionary Hair Care Range in the United States

Industry: Beauty

Boca Raton, FL (PRUnderground) February 21st, 2024

Braidtech, an innovative hair care brand, is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of its product line in the United States, specifically tailored for individuals who wear braids, weaves and wigs. Braidtech is committed to redefining the standard of hair care by offering a unique blend of style, comfort, and health for ethnic hair, promoting natural beauty and bold, daring attitudes.

Braidtech’s range of products is meticulously designed to address the most common concerns of braid, weave and wig wearers, ensuring comfort and style without the usual discomfort of itchiness. “Our products are not just about maintaining hairstyles; they are about celebrating natural beauty and empowering our customers to make bold style statements with confidence,” says Dr. Etienne Nortje, one of Braidtech’s visionary founders.

The Braidtech range consists of five synergistic products, all vegan and formulated to work together harmoniously, promoting optimal hair health and growth. Central to the Braidtech philosophy is a water-based system that eschews traditional oils, which are considered counterproductive in the Braidtech regimen.

Each product in the range is infused with Copper Tripeptide-1, a potent ingredient known for its remarkable effects on hair growth and scalp health. This science-backed component enhances the formation of new blood vessels around hair follicles so they receive adequate oxygen and nutrients to produce new hair growth.  Copper peptides promote healthy hair color and extend the growth cycle for fuller and healthier hair.

The Braidtech product range includes:

Braidtech WATERLESS CLEANSER: A pioneering solution for removing buildup and excess oils from the scalp, keeping hair fresh and clean.

Braidtech SCALP SPRAY: Specially formulated to actively relieve itching, soothe and nourish the scalp, thereby creating itch-free healthy hair beneath braids, weaves and wigs.

Braidtech BRAID SHEEN SPRAY: Adds a vibrant sheen to braids, weaves and wigs, enhancing the overall appearance and freshness.

Braidtech GLUE WAX: Formulated to control the delicate hair (sometimes called baby hairs) at the hairline and keep them smooth and laid down.  Allows for attractive styling and grooming.

Braidtech HAIR GROWTH+ SERUM: A unique and powerful serum with a patented hair growth ingredient to stimulate hair growth and ensure the health of both natural hair and scalp.

The inception of Braidtech is the brainchild of a trio of founders – Dr. Etienne Nortje, Jeanne McLaren, and Ronnie Kruger – whose diverse backgrounds and passion for hair care innovation have culminated in the creation of this groundbreaking line of products.

Braidtech is more than just a hair care brand; it is a movement towards embracing and enhancing the natural beauty of ethnic hair. With its launch in the United States, Braidtech is set to become a staple for those who dare to be different and wish to wear their hair with attitude.

About Braidtech

Braidtech is a pioneering hair care brand specializing in products for individuals who wear braids, weaves and wigs. With a focus on promoting hair health and natural beauty, Braidtech offers a range of vegan, water-based products infused with Copper Tripeptide-1, aimed at eliminating discomfort and boosting hair growth. Founded by Dr. Etienne Nortje, Jeanne McLaren, and Ronnie Kruger, Braidtech is committed to revolutionizing ethnic hair care.

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