Branches Of Astrology Briefs Dr. Sundeep Kochar, 2022 ThreeBestRated® Award Winner From Mumbai

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Mumbai, Maharashtra (PRUnderground) April 24th, 2023

There are a large group of people who believe in astrology as it is effective for them. It is an ancient science that helps you predict your future. Astrology is a vast field. It has various branches each having its own approach for predicting the future. Consecutive ThreeBestRated® award winner named Dr. Sundeep Kochar wishes to educate us on different types of prediction methods available,

Branches Of Astrology

Vedas or scriptures are deep-rooted science of ancient times. Indian astrology is also known as Vedic Astrology as it is a part of Vedas. Some important types of prediction methods are,

Jyotish Shastra: It is commonly referred to as horoscope making. It is simply said to be the calculation of your life with placement of planets at your time of birth.

Palmistry: It is the method of predicting life with life lines on the palm. It can never be manipulated.

Face Reading: As by the name, It is the art of deciding the personal qualities and character of any individual with form or features of the body, mostly face.

Gemology: I believe in the power of gemstones. It can never bring miracles to you. However, They can enhance or strengthen the planet which coordinates with you. I would recommend consulting an astrologer for wearing it. Always use your right hand and right finger for the purpose. It is said to work on the light entering into your body through the stone and boosting elements in your body which you are made of.

Numerology: As we all know, It is the play with numbers. The Gregorian calendar which existed for the last 466 years is in practice now. There was a different calendar before. Placebo effect also plays a major role in this prediction.

Tarot Card Reading: It is a simple process of using cards to find answers for a particular situation. The description in the card would be the answer for your concern. Psyche abilities are needed as it is more intuitive.

I believe taking the right decision at the right time is said to be luck. This is where an astrologer can help you, said the astrologer. He is an expert in incorporating Jyotish Shastra (horoscope reading), Palmistry and Face Reading to get the complete picture of predictions.

Why Should You Choose Dr. Sundeep Kochar?

Dr. Sundeep Kochar is a celebrity astrologer famous all around Mumbai for his perfect predictions. He has spread his services internationally with his availability in top countries with prior appointments. Twenty two long years of experience made him a master in the field. He is felicitated with various honours including ‘Limca Book of Records for hosting the longest-running astrology show on Television. ThreeBestRated® with their regulated 50-Point Inspection named him the “Best Astrologer” in Mumbai. Famous personalities including cricketers, film stars and politicians are his clients. Helping them find the right path and make the right decision at their important points of life with his excellent understanding of astrology is his specialty. He has taken many strides in guiding people to live to their fullest potential. Vastu Consultant, Life Coach, Anchor, TEDx Speaker, Motivational Speaker and Author are his other faces which have heavy followers too. Consult him to predict your future perfectly at

Dr. Sundeep Kochar is specialised in handling horoscope analysis, Vedic astrology reading, Vastu, palmistry, marriage, family, financial problems, education, election predictions, celebrity astrology, face reading, horoscope, relationships, personal growth, health and education prospects, consultation, matchmaking, counselling & life coaching.

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