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Glasgow, UK (PRUnderground) March 9th, 2023

Breach Of Peace is not actually a crime that is offensive. Even then you can be arrested in cases if it is beyond limits, even then you cannot be charged. It is in practice to avoid activities that induce violence against a person and even property in some cases that costs peace of the concerned. John Kilcoyne & Co, a renowned criminal defence solicitor from Glasgow. He was recently accoladed with the 2023 ThreeBestRated® award for his excellence in the service. In spite of his busy schedule, He was kind enough to educate us on “Breach of Peace” as most people are confused about the concern. Here is what he says,

It will always be complex to mark any activity as a breach of peace. There has been a wealth of discussions to fix the limits of the power of law in the concern. It is now widely accepted that any activity that is capable of harming any person or causing damage to a property, especially in the presence of the owner, falls under a Breach Of Peace.

Authority Of Police

Police officials are obviously the ones who are authorised to stop any breach of peace activities. They are provided with diverse powers and options to tackle it. In most cases, they use the Power Of Arrest & Power Of Entry to take control of the issue. In which they have the power to arrest a person & power to enter private property without a warrant respectively.

If you are arrested, It is not mandatory to give personal details. Your release will depend on the sensitivity of the breach of peace. In serious cases, You might be holded for even a night and taken to judge for “bound over” for a period of time and can be fined an approx of £100. It is done to make you maintain peace in your locale and does not repeat the same. Most importantly, It is never a conviction and does not fall under a criminal record. You might be jailed for a few weeks for contempt of court in case you disagree, says the expert.

Why John Kilcoyne & Co Over Others?
John Kilcoyne & Co always work on their core objective to provide high-quality service to each of their clients irrespective of their legally aided or private funds. Their team of trained professionals always works on preventative measures from the outset and assists you in every stage of your case proceedings. Powerful and compelling defence from the team offers you the preferred result. They are known for handling challenging cases and finding victory in it. This dedication, commitment and the enormous responsibility of representing you very seriously have fetched them a spot in ThreeBestRated® listing after passing their rigorous 50-Point Inspection. Contact them today to make an appointment with specialist criminal solicitors at

Assault, domestic violence, breach of peace, attempted murder, murder, sexual, drug, road traffic and internet offences, fraud, corporate crime, offensive weapons, proceeds of crime, police station interviews, bail hearings & criminal appeals are the common issues handled by John Kilcoyne & Co.

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