Breaking Down Barriers in Corporate Communication: A Qoreboard Story

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Past failures or lack of development is a common thing or businesses to spend loads of time focusing on. Poor communication is often the cause of past issues.

TX (PRUnderground) August 27th, 2019

People are always reflecting on ways they could have been better in the past. It’s easy to point our past flaws and see how they effected our current state of being. Just like our personal lives, businesses fall into the same patterns. Things that should have been done at the early stages of business are easily passed by due to the rush and chaos of the “start-up” phase. Fast-forward and you’re a 100+ million-dollar company and have no real grasp on culture, brand identity and overall communications. It’s the radical truth that identifying your core values is what truly defines how your business will operate at any stage, and how your employees will value the place in which they spend most of their life.

So how can a business ensure that positivity around culture and values is submerged into each day of their operations? This is exactly what Mike Midgett and his tech start-up in Katy, Texas aim to resolve. Mike’s company. Qoreboard is a digital dashboard solution that builds transparency around corporate communications between teams, employees, and management, while also aligning the business though a goal-focused tool that enables performance improvement. So, what is this doing to combat poor cultures at their infancy or for established companies? Qoreboard was built with this in mind. Each section of Qoreboard’s tool was built to put employees at ease. Everything from the elegant design to focused content pushes users to not only use the system but adapt it as their home-base at work. What does this look like? As an employee, the first thing you see each day is your daily goals, and motivational messages from your management. As you complete tasks each day, your goal chart changes while also pushing your success data back to your manager. This gives management the ability to easily give positive affirmation to employees as well as training where needed. The platform also acts as a full communications tool, giving users the ability to ask questions and get answers in a non-confrontational setting.

For companies in any stage, looking back at their issues and wishing they could have built a stronger more value and goal focused culture, Qoreboard is a great platform to help combat this. Regardless of the stage of your business, realize your pain points and find ways to build transparency in the workplace.

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QOREBOARD will accelerate performance and drive profit in your organization.

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