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Brennan & Clark, LLC Launches a Brand New Website for New Users and Easy Access Client Portal

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Both current and new customers of Brennan & Clark, LLC, a leading commercial collection agency, can now conveniently access their accounts and perform transactions online thanks to the launch of the company’s brand-new website and client portal, which so far has drawn substantial traffic

Villa Park, IL (PRUnderground) October 17th, 2019

The website, which Maverick Communications International produced, can be found at Maverick Communications created the new site in an effort to build on the rebranding that it designed for the collection agency back in 2018.

Since the website’s new launch, the collection agency has attracted a lot of attention to its page. However, in addition to providing real-time account information for clients, the site now also offers up-to-date security on its new portal. The brand-new website is all part of the company’s ongoing commitment to “collect and protect.”

According to Brennan & Clark, LLC Chief Executive Officer Meg Scotty, the brand-new portal provides cutting-edge security without necessarily compromising clients’ around-the-clock access to their account records, which they heavily rely on. In addition, future clients can benefit from the website because it provides a glimpse at the company’s unparalleled services and philosophy, which it has developed during its more than 38 years in the industry.

Brennan & Clark, based in Villa Park, Illinois, made its debut in 1980. The commercial collection agency is now recognized as a trailblazer in creating innovative services and establishing professional standards, which are reflected in its “Collect and Protect” motto.

Over the years, Brennan & Clark has been recognized for effectively fulfilling clients’ collection needs. As a matter of fact, the company’s collection score happens to be 20% above the industry’s average score. Still, what truly makes the company stand out is that it takes pride in protecting, improving, and respecting the relationships of its clients with their clients.

As part of its many services, Brennan & Clark provides help with outsourcing, legal services, subrogation services, and free/immediate demand services. When it comes to outsourcing, the company helps with invoicing, writing letters, handling customer service phone calls, and inquiries related to credit scores. Meanwhile, the company offers legal consultation and litigation management as part of its legal services.

As for Brennan & Clark’s subrogation services, the company uses data mining to investigate and identify the recovery rights that a client has. Finally, the free demand services focus on decreasing the costs of recovery and using third-party expertise to spearhead positive results for clients. Meanwhile, immediate demand services are designed to urgently meet a client’s needs through offering the client on the same day on which it requests the company’s services.

Brennan & Clark, LLC continues to pride itself on using proven processes, a strong foundation, smart technology, and skilled negotiators to successfully collect debts for clients. With regard to technology in particular, the company works hard to operate efficiently and recovery the most money possible for clients using the combination of big data and speedy artificial intelligence. The company is additionally proud to help clients to improve their own collection abilities in the long run.

Disclaimer: The news site hosting this press release is not associated with Brennan and Clark. It is merely publishing a paid press release announcement submitted by a company, without any stated or implied endorsement of the Doctor, product, service, or information above.

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