Brent Lott shares the Fact of being an Environmentalist

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Brent Lott is a registered representative at MHL Invest, and prepares taxes at Lott Financial Mgt, Inc. He is a mountain bike enthusiast.

Orem, UT (PRUnderground) July 28th, 2020

Brent Lott is a FINRA Registered Representative at MHL Invest and Financial Education Resource. He maintains a special relationship with his clients and offers comprehensive strategies to families, entrepreneurs, and executives. He is also a nature lover and mountain bike enthusiast.

Brent Lott is an environmentalist and engages in outdoor sports. He developed a passion for mountain biking when he was a little child. The naturally rich places in and around Utah changed his outlook towards the environment and amplified his interest in mountain biking. He emphasizes the significance of connecting with nature and motivates people to explore and enjoy the natural prosperity.

Being a passionate mountain biker, Brent Lott consistently encourages his fellow mates to develop an attachment towards nature. Living in a concrete jungle has made it necessary for us to visit natural environments to ensure positivity and good mental health. Coming from the corporate sector, Brent has seen many people falling prey to many health issues because of over-stressed routines. To ensure physical and mental well-being, Brent Lott takes a break from his visit to natural environments and reconnect with nature.

As Brent Lott resumes his work after a day’s break in nature, wherein he goes for a ride down the hills with his old friend Patrick every week, he experiences a noticeable difference in his thoughts and increased productivity throughout the week. Scientists are finding evidence that being in nature has a profound impact on our brains and our behavior, enhancing our ability to connect with other people. 

According to Brent Lott, a bike enthusiast, spending time in nature is not enough. Training in nature is equally important. Engaging in physical activities or working out certainly provides long-term health benefits. But as compared to the sweat sessions at gymnasiums, Brent Lott prefers to exercise in nature. It is also true that even after hours of workout in nature our bodies feel less strenuous because of the increased receptiveness in natural settings.

Outdoor training need not necessarily mean taking drastic measures to achieve a positive and healthy outcome. A 10-minute brisk walk through natural surroundings can do more for our bodies than we think. “From improving the oxygenation of the body, regulating the stress hormone cortisol, stimulating the production of serotonin and dopamine, outdoor workouts only have magical effects on our mind and mood”, said Brent Lott.  

Just a few decades back, children’s exposure to nature was noticeably greater than today. Children used to explore every blade of the grass, find hidden bugs, examine the peculiarity of rocks. They were more connected to nature. Grandparents used to take their grandchildren to forests and acquaint them with birds, engage in bird watching, identifying birds from their unique voices, textures, etc. Today, children seldom enlist bird watching as their hobby. It’s only because they have been distanced from nature today. As a grandfather of nine, Brent takes his grandchildren to natural places and shares with them his values about nature. Brent Lott makes an honest effort to instill curiosity in the Z Generation about the various aspects of nature and the necessity of preserving it.

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Brent Lott,
Lott Financial Mgt, Inc. 
Orem, Utah, United States.

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About Brent Lott

Brent Lott is a FINRA Registered Representative and Financial Education Resource. Brent offers comprehensive financial strategies for families, entrepreneurs, and executives.

Brent Lott’s mission is to provide families with prudent financial, risk management, and investment advice. Millions of Americans have pressing financial questions. Reaching their life goals requires competent and ethical financial advice. Brent Lott facilitates the protection, growth, and distribution of his clients’ wealth. When he is not serving his clients, he enjoys mountain biking and spending time with his beloved wife and nine grandchildren.

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