Bret Bordwell Releases Unique Digital Artwork “The Near Field Christ” to Combine Faith and Technology

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Dinwiddie, VA (PRUnderground) February 20th, 2024

In a groundbreaking fusion of faith, technology, and artistry, the Near Field Christ project has emerged as a testament to devotion and innovation. Three years in the making, this one-of-a-kind distinctive artwork is the work of a former US Marine and artist Bret Bordwell. His vision is simple. He wants to bring the teachings of Jesus Christ to people from all walks of life.

Inspired by a divine calling in mid-2021, the creator embarked on a remarkable journey to paint a portrait of Jesus Christ using NFC (Near Field Communication) chips. Each of the over 2000 individual chips on the painting bears a Red-Letter Verse, representing the scriptures spoken by Jesus in the Bible. These verses are drawn from the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Corinthians, and Revelations, using the King James Version.

What sets the Near Field Christ apart is its potential to bridge faith and technology. An accompanying iPhone app allows users to read and display the scriptures stored on the chips in an easily accessible format. While the chips are written in the KJV, the app is designed to adapt and display the content in the user’s preferred language and Bible version, although this modification to the app is still in development.

The artist’s journey into NFC technology began during a period of outdoor adventures with twin great-granddaughters, exploring hiking and geocaching. It was during this time that the concept of merging NFC technology with faith-based content took root. With faith and prayer as guiding forces, the artist found a way to bring this vision to life.

After a brief hiatus in 2023 due to various commitments, the project resumed in January 2024, with a renewed commitment to its mission. If successful, the Near Field Christ project aims to establish a workshop for troubled teenagers, emphasizing practical skills development alongside spiritual growth. The artist believes in the potential of such initiatives to positively impact the lives of young individuals, providing them with valuable skills and nurturing their faith.

The creator of the Near Field Christ is a former US Marine with 16 years of service and a lifelong commitment to family. Alongside his wife, Paulette, they have been dedicated caregivers to their twin great-grandchildren for years. With a deep love for animals, they share their home with a cat named Golden and two Yorkshire terriers named Scout and Willow.

Donations and support for the Near Field Christ project will not only help bring this unique artwork to the forefront but also contribute to the realization of the workshop for troubled teenagers, providing them with opportunities for growth and empowerment.

Near Field Christ will be shown at Destination Church in Prince George, VA over the Easter weekend from March 28th-31st. Times TBD.

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About The Near Field Christ

The Near Field Christ is a groundbreaking artwork that combines faith, technology, and artistry by using NFC chips to create a portrait of Jesus Christ adorned with Red Letter Verses from the Bible. The accompanying app makes these scriptures accessible to a global audience, with the potential to transcend language barriers and connect people with the teachings of Jesus.

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