Brightlink Discusses the Reasons Why Brightlink PBXCloud is Superior to Traditional PBX Infrastructure

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Leading communications technology provider, Brightlink, provides several reasons why Brightlink PBXCloud is superior to traditional PBX solutions.

Atlanta, GA (PRUnderground) June 3rd, 2020

Communication is one of the most critical aspects of running a successful enterprise. Whether making calls between departments and locations or accepting customer service calls from thousands of clients and customers each day, a feature-rich and reliable telephone system makes all the difference. Per Brightlink, a leading provider of communications technology, Brightlink PBXCloud is far superior to traditional telephone service for many reasons.

First and foremost, traditional (or legacy) PBX systems are incredibly expensive to install and maintain, and the more lines and numbers a company requires, the higher that cost can climb. Brightlink PBXCloud is different in that the installation and maintenance costs are far lower, which can assist in reducing overhead costs significantly. It doesn’t require any upfront capital investment to get started with Brightlink PBXCloud, and as the company’s needs change and shift, so too can the cloud-based telephone service.

Second, when exceptional cloud-based telephony providing HD voice capabilities is paired with the proper devices and bandwidth, the voice quality can be far superior to anything that can be carried over a traditional copper wire. This is especially true for large operations like call centers; the technology and hardware available can seriously bottleneck call quality, leading to unhappy customers and missed opportunities. When an organization has a strong and reliable connection to the internet, switching to cloud-based calling results in crisper, clearer sound, and a better overall experience.

Another important benefit associated with cloud-based PBX systems is call management abilities. With this technology, even the largest companies can easily manage their incoming calls across numerous locations and facilities from a simple user-friendly dashboard. It’s perfect for call centers and large operations requiring employees to remain in constant contact, but it also works well for smaller companies thanks to its flexibility and scalability.

Finally, legacy PBX systems do not allow staff to work from wherever they are. Premise-based PBX systems are tied to landlines, which makes call forwarding difficult and expensive. With Brightlink PBXCloud, it’s possible for staff to work from anywhere – something that is especially important in today’s day and age. Jobs that can be performed from anywhere are far more desirable, and companies that provide the opportunity to work remotely have access to a much larger talent pool than those who require daily commutes.

To learn more about Brightlink PBXCloud, or to explore the wide range of communications technology options they provide, visit their website or call them at 888-871-4575.  You can also send an email to to get answers to many of your questions or get a quote for Brightlink PBXCloud for your organization.

About Brightlink: Brightlink, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, powers some 35 billion communication interactions every single year across the globe. Since 2009, the company has delivered leading voice, messaging, and cloud-based communications solutions to companies of all sizes. They offer numerous cloud-based solutions, a cutting-edge CPaaS platform, and managed universal communication services. Brightlink prides itself on its 24-hour support and next-gen IP network that delivers security, reliability, and quality to all its clients.

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