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Brothers.MD is Bringing Balance to Everyday Life With Premium Hemp Products

Industry: Health & Fitness

The company provides lab-tested and psychotropics-free hemp products designed to maintain a healthy mind and a healthy body.

San Diego, CA (PRUnderground) November 4th, 2021

Many of the hemp products sold in the market today are modified to contain more psychoactive or psychotropic compounds that’s dangerous at high levels. In the past 80 years, the levels of psychoactive compounds in various hemp strains have gone from 2% to more than 31%. Not only does this increase the risk of addiction, but it also ruins the original health benefits of hemp. Brothers.MD, a California-based online medical hemp dispensary, aims to correct this by providing hemp products rich in non-psychoactive compounds such as CBD. Its range of product offerings includes tinctures, topicals, and hemp flowers.

“We are on a mission to bring you premium hemp products that help achieve a clever mind and a healthy body,” says the team from Brothers.MD.

Brothers.MD was established to solve the increasing consumption of hemp with high levels of psychoactive substances. If nothing is done, this can harm one’s mental state, cause psychosis, and increase one’s risk of other health hazards. The dispensary believes that CBD products like theirs can balance out the harmful effects of mind-altering substances and create an entourage effect – a mechanism that increases the positive health benefits of hemp compounds.

The company works with farmers that organically grow natural psychotropics-free hemp that is rich in CBD. Using rigorous laboratory tests and advanced formulations, the dispensary is able to provide effective, safe, and high-quality CBD products to its clients. Each product is carefully manufactured to provide meaningful impact to overall wellness without the risk of addiction and other adverse psychoactive effects.

Its newest product offering, the Organic Hemp Heart Protein, has a full array of beneficial compounds. It is complete with all nine essential amino acids, high in omega-3, and contains iron, magnesium, and other minerals. Its 70% protein is sourced from the hemp heart or the inner core of the hemp seed.

In addition, the dispensary offers potent tinctures containing 99.9% CBD isolates that bring calm and relaxation. It also has a fast-acting cold therapy topical gel.

Brothers.MD has a free affiliate program. Members can earn up to 12% commission for every successful referral and maximize their earnings through the company’s competitive conversion rate.

Explore the dispensary’s offerings and find more details about Brothers.MD’s affiliate program here:

About Brothers.MD

Brothers.MD is an online medical hemp dispensary based in California. It was established in 2020 to bring premium hemp products that do not cause high but promote a healthier body and mind. With the rapid increase of highly potent psychotropic commodities and the decline of non-psychoactive CBD ones in the market, Brothers.MD remains steadfast in providing laboratory-tested hemp products free from dangerous compounds that clients can trust.

Disclaimer: The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This press release is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please check with your doctor. The news site hosting this press release is not associated with Brothers.MD. It is merely publishing a press release announcement submitted by a company without any stated or implied endorsement of the product or service.

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