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Toronto (PRUnderground) July 12th, 2019

Research proves that bully costs businesses billions, particularly in the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland and the U.S There’s a loss of productivity for the victim and other staff members who are also affected. There are medical and sick leave expenses from stress-related health issues, expenses related to turnover, litigation and court-ordered settlements — these are documented facts.

In many instances, criminals and bullies are one and the same — both are detrimental to society — both can wreak havoc on a company. Rest assured, a job candidate with a clean criminal record may in fact be a bully. At the end of the day, companies with stellar moral practices don’t do business with criminals or bullies.

Cobraman Organization specializes in keeping bullies out of the workplace. The company’s goal is to revolutionize the background check industry with the utilization of their bully search engine, specially programmed to scrape the internet for everything job candidates may have said or done online. Major social platforms as Facebook and Twitter are searched for negative behaviors including hate speech, cyberbullying and online harassment. Using natural language processing (NLP), the bully classifier detects whether text contains toxic content such as insults, threats, sexually explicit language and more utilizing the job candidate social media user ID/handle.

There’s more. On the website, job seekers may conduct a background check on a company. Additionally, victims of online harassment and trolling may file a complaint anonymously directly on the company website. Complaints of bullying and online harassment are made available to hiring personnel to better assist them during the recruiting process. One should think twice about behaving badly online — Cobraman means business. Enjoy 7 day free trial offer. Visit the website for more details.

About Cobraman Organization

Aspiring screenwriter, Cobraman Creator, Michell Archibald, wrote Cobraman Movie script in 2007. In 2008, Michell, modified the movie script to address bullying after her daughter, Phily-Lexxy, fell victim to bullying. Years passed before, Michell, realized how serious the bullying epidemic is. In 2014 Michell made a conscious decision to dedicate her life to end bullying.

Using Cobraman as a poster boy, since 2014 up until now, our sister website is used as a platform to spread bullying awareness, log bullying complaints and sell anti-bullying merchandise to schools and the general public. Please visit our sister website (formerly cobraman.ca) for more information on Cobraman anti-bullying games, merchandise, contests, quizzes etc.

Having worked in the head hunting business for three years (2004-2007) Michell understands the challenges in Recruitment & Selection. Factor in the fact that bullying cost businesses billions yearly along with those countless workplace bullying complaints filed on our sister website since 2014 — this drove Michell to create a line of bully screening services and Cobraman.org was born! We are a small energetic team dedicated to ending workplace bullying.

BULLY SCREENING SERVICE: Created to deter bullying in the workplace. Hiring personnel may run bully background searches on job seekers 7 DAYS FREE OF CHARGE.

COMPANY SCREENING SERVICE: Created to deter workplace bullying. Job seekers may run bully background searches on companies FREE OF CHARGE.

BULLY BACKGROUND CHECK CERTIFICATE: This service may in fact help job seekers land a job and provide hiring personnel with an advantage over the competition.

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