Buying A Performance Car or a Family Carrier on the Second-Hand Market, According To CarBuzz

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What are the best options, considering used car prices are at a record high?

New York, NY (PRUnderground) August 4th, 2021

With the global pandemic causing sales of new cars to plummet, the used-car market is busier than ever before. But, if you’re looking for a sporty sedan or a family carrier, is it safe to buy pre-owned?

Performance Sedans

When you’re buying a vehicle with a focus on performance, it stands to reason that a used BMW would make its way onto your shortlist. The brand is known for developing cars with strong engines and dynamic handling. Add to that the status that comes with owning one of these sedans, and you should be quite well off. That doesn’t mean they are flawless, however, and it’s worth noting that high-performance Bimmers have been known to develop some pricey mechanical issues over time.  

Muscle Cars and Wagons

Next to pickup trucks, muscle cars are some of the most American vehicles on the market. And, if you’ve always had your heart set on owning something with a ferocious power plant, aggressive looks, and the reputation for slaying Mustang’s on track, then a used Dodge like a Charger or Challenger should be on your list of cars to test drive. But pony cars are not all you can peruse here (and thankfully, as these tend to cost a fortune at the pumps), with a variety of SUVs and wagons to choose from if you need something to ferry the family. 

Family Exclusives

Some brands are just more focused on the family, and although there are some racy hatchbacks and sport sedans to look at, the vast majority of used Honda vehicles are the ideal cruiser for those who have to take the kids along. Whether a crossover or traditional sports ute is more up your alley, or whether you’ve opted for an under-the-radar sedan like the humble Accord, the Japanese brand will serve you well. Pricing is affordable and reliability is high, although many base-spec models are quite barebones – this is also not the world’s most thrilling or handsome car to look at. 

Reasonable Roadsters

If you’ve got your heart set on drop-top fun but your budget doesn’t allow for going overboard, there’s a brilliant little speedster to be found when perusing used Mazda reviews. For years the brand has been known for the MX-5 Miata’s sheer brilliance, and with a long history, you’ll be able to find yourself in a low-slung convertible without having to fork over too much money. Just remember there won’t be many advanced driver aids on board, so you’ll have to play carefully. 

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