CAI showcases Classic Connect™ in Techstars startup area at AutoMobili-D during NAIAS in Detroit

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Classic Connect™ - the world's first solution for integrating ADAS/V2X tech into classic cars & hot rods to make them safer for today’s cities, highways and rural roads

Portland, OR (PRUnderground) January 10th, 2018

Classic Automotive Innovations, which blends cutting-edge technology with the original craftsmanship of classic cars, is pleased to announce that it has been selected 1 of only 57 startups to participate in the Techstars Mobility Startup Community at AutoMobili-D, a part of the 2018 North American International Auto Show. This demonstrates CAI’s commitment to innovation and leadership in making classics and hot rods more safe, drivable and reliable, in order to help keep these pieces of history on the road.

“The worldwide response from startups that came to last year’s AutoMobili-D blew me away,” notes Ted Serbinski, Managing Director of Techstars Mobility, on the NAIAS/AutoMobili-D website. “If you’re building anything innovative in the automotive mobility industry, you’re going to pass through Detroit at some point. AutoMobili-D is the perfect entry point for early-stage innovative startups to build up their network with key influencers and decision makers in the automotive mobility industry.”

Today, CAI is announcing the development of Classic Connect™ – the first custom bundled hardware and software solution to integrate ADAS/V2X* technology into classics and hot rods. Retrofitting these vehicles will not only allow a ‘play nice/here I am’ scenario with the emergence of connected and autonomous vehicles in cities, but will offer gravely needed safety solutions for busy highways and rural roads. By providing Lane Departure and Collision warnings, “Here I am” beacons, etc., suddenly city streets, mega-store parking lots, and curvy roads become much less hazardous to classics that will never conform to current safety and crash standards.

The challenge with classic cars is that they are just that – classic. Enthusiasts choose to drive 50 year old vehicles, designed for 50 year old road conditions, with 50 year old technology & abilities – and all in a changing automotive world. That said, there are roughly 7M classics registered in the US alone owned by people who desperately want to continue to drive their cars (source: IHS Markit).

Pam Induni, CMO for CAI, adds “ADAS and V2X technologies are game changers for 25-100 year old classic cars and hot rods. Without them, these cars are simply not appropriate for current and future driving conditions. And being a leader in this space, CAI understands that retrofitting a 1929 Packard, 1963 MGB, or 1975 Camaro is completely different from retrofitting a 2004 Audi for example. Classic vehicles are electro-mechanical and lack computer systems to tap into. Additionally, enthusiasts and investors will demand any retrofits be extremely discreet.”

CAI has already developed, piloted, manufactured and commercialized a tech product in this market with Classic Speed®, their patented GPS solution that drives a mechanical speedometer accurately regardless of modifications made to the car.

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*ADAS: Advanced driver assistance systems; V2X: Vehicle-to-Vehicle/Vehicle to Infrastructure

About Classic Automotive Innovations

Classic Automotive Innovations, LLC is a pioneer and leader in blending cutting-edge technology with the original craftsmanship of classic cars. There is a deep passion among classic owners to maintain originality; yet with the need for modern drivability and reliability to keep them on the road. CAI’s focus on research & development, production-ready proof-of-concepts, and extensive pilots bring innovative products to the millions of classic and hot rod enthusiasts around the globe. The automotive tech company was founded in 2015, and is headquartered in Portland, OR. For more information, visit

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