Can the Global Cannabinoid Research Center Solve America’s Biggest Healthcare Issues Through Education?

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Santa Barbara, CA (PRUnderground) July 24th, 2020

Mike Robinson, the founder of the Global Cannabinoid Research Center, in collaboration with The American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine University, is launching an educational series for medical professionals interested in gaining accredited certification in endocannabinoid medicine. The syllabus includes… Understanding Cannabinoids, the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), therapeutic Impact, defining cannabinoids, therapeutic targets, and cannabinoids in Clinical Practice. This four-course series confers a total of twelve AMA PRA Category One Credits.

Mike Robinson, a long-time compassion care provider and pioneer in leading-edge cannabinoid care, has often been frustrated and shocked by the lack of basic cannabinoid knowledge in our mainstream Healthcare System. Frustrated and shocked, but not surprised. Or as Mike Robinson put it, “Unfortunately, the federal prohibition of cannabis in the past century has limited clinical research in this century, preventing the legitimate investigation of cannabis safety and efficacy. It can be very difficult to locate information about the safety and therapeutic value of cannabis. Most of the doctors alive today received their medical degree without any understanding of cannabis or ECS.”

Mike Robinson and his Global Cannabinoid Research Center are concerned by three troubling statistics:

  • DRUG TOXICITY: Mainstream prescribed drugs are highly toxic. Without an understanding of the therapeutic uses of cannabis, patients are prescribed excessively risky drugs, when cannabis may be the best and least toxic alternative. Even Tylenol kills 4,000 people annually, compared to zero deaths from cannabis.
  • POLYPHARMACY: America is aging. Seniors are taking more drugs. By age 70 years you have a 50% chance of taking 5 or more prescriptions, with each prescriptions adding to your total toxic “load”. Cannabis alone can address many of the disorders that afflict the elderly. Informed cannabis use could reduce the number of prescriptions.
  • ADVERSE DRUG AFFECTS (ADRs): Each drug has it’s own side effects, but when taken together, new negative side effects can appear that require doctors to prescribe still more drugs. These Adverse Drug Effects (ADRs). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 1.3 million Americans are hospitalized and 100,000 die every year deaths per year attributable due to ADRs.

“We’re in an era in which people are awakening from years of being conditioned to believe that the doctors’ magic medicine is what we need and the beautiful plants growing outside are for decoration and landscape,” says Mike Robinson. Mike’s education courses are designed to close the knowledge gap and increase the official and legal use of cannabis by our healthcare system.

Keeping over a million Americans out of hospitals, reducing the number of expensive prescriptions that American use, and preventing the deaths of at least 100,000 citizens could be one of the biggest positive changes that can be made in our mainstream Healthcare System. At least that’s what Mike Robinson and the Global Cannabinoid Research Center think, and their new educational series was designed to fix!

Robinson is known throughout the world of Cannabinoid Medicine for his compassion programs, intensive next level research on minor cannabinoids, and his ability to manipulate terpenes and nanotechnology creations.

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