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CanadaQBank, Provider of Medical Licensing Examination Test Prep Software, Announces a Subscriber from its 178th Country

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Premier provider of medical entry and licensing examination software, CanadaQBank, announces a subscription from Niger

Canada (PRUnderground) January 3rd, 2020

Medical students around the world rely on numerous study aids to help them prepare for their college entry and medical licensing exams. Of these, online question bank platforms like CanadaQBank are among some of the most popular – and for good reason. Though many of these options exist, CanadaQBank is undeniably one of the farthest-reaching. Today, the premier provider of question banks for numerous medical examinations announces a paid subscription from its 178th country.

CanadaQBank has grown significantly since it was first conceived in 2008. At launch, it offered only one question bank for the MCCEE with 2000 multiple-choice questions. Today, however, CanadaQBank offers numerous question banks, ranging from the USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 in the US to the PLAB Part 1 in the UK and even the SMLE in Saudi Arabia. Students from across the globe rely on CanadaQBank to study for and pass their exams so they can become licensed doctors in Australia, Canada, the US, the UK, and Saudi Arabia.

The platform allows for individual and institutional subscriptions, which makes it a favorite among students and schools alike. Since 2011, medical students and doctors from many countries have subscribed to CanadaQBank to study for their exams. Today, the company announced a paid subscriber from Niger, which means they now have subscribers from 179 countries around the world. These question banks are being used in 91% of the world’s countries, which is a powerful testament to the quality of the questions and the software platform itself.

Other big changes have come to CanadaQBank in recent months, as well. In November 2019, the team added a new question bank for the Royal College Surgical Foundations Exam, or RCSFE, and in January 2020, the company launched Android, iOS, and Windows Apps for the RCSFE question banks, as well.

Aside from its incredibly user-friendly and feature-rich platform, CanadaQBank also provides students with a wide variety of resources designed to help them learn and succeed. These include the CanadaQBank Facebook group, which regularly posts questions for members to answer and discuss, as well as the CanadaQBank YouTube channel. The channel focuses on providing visual aids in video format to help students better understand some of the more difficult concepts in their learning, but it also provides software demos to make their platform easier to use.

To learn more about CanadaQBank and its many incredibly helpful features, visit the company’s website today. You can also subscribe to access the question banks you need and pay a low monthly fee designed to fit into any medical student’s budget.

About CanadaQBank: CanadaQBank provides access to an incredibly intuitive and user-friendly platform offering question banks for medical exams in Australia, the US, the UK, Saudi Arabia, and Canada. It was founded in 2008 with only a single question bank but has since grown to provide numerous question banks serving students and learning institutions in 179 countries – representing 91% of all the countries in the world. For more information please visit

About CanadaQBank

CanadaQBank® is an online test preparation service for the medical licensing exams of Canada and the United States. Our features, accuracy and expertise in question and case creation will give you the very best studying experience available to pass your Medical Council of Canada and United States medical licensing exams. Thousands of medical students and physicians worldwide use CanadaQBank to help them prepare for the MCCEE, the MCCQE Part 1, the MCCQE Part 2 and the USMLE.

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