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Finding a career has become more complex and competitive than ever. Currently #1 ranked career app, GAME OF CHOICES released its newest version with a career coach option

Sacramento, CA (PRUnderground) April 14th, 2016

Souletics® LLC announced today that it has released the newest version of their free iOS app, GAME OF CHOICES® II, “the career coach and career test app” The app has spent the better part of the last two months ranked at #1 for career games, career test and career crusing app by two separate app data companies (App Annie and Sensor Tower).

The most recent version includes an option for users to receive career, personal development or peak performance coaching at the touch of a button.

According to the app’s creator, Damon J. Smith, “The current version of GOC really fine tunes the game, and allows people to get help advancing from point A to B. As with all of our products, our goal is to empower people to reach their definition of success, and offering perosnal coaching through the app was a necessary component.”

Version 5.21 of GAME OF CHOICES II, with its new subtitle “the career coach, life mentor, and career test app,” includes updated career data so that users can see how much a particular career pays, a career test to help users identify hidden talents, and a value system that allows users to play based on what is important to them. The user decides whether money or socially driven purpose is most important. Watch as people play GAME OF CHOICES!

Founder of Souletics Smith says, “The game helps people identify road blocks in their lives that they may have missed, and choose careers that will allow them to maximize their potential.”

When asked about the app’s recent success, he responded, “We are happy with the visibiity, but we are focused on improving GAME OF CHOICES and delivering more apps centered on mindset development.”

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