Casa Innovations Group Announces Launch of Innovative & Powerful New App Enabled Voice Language Translator

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Casa Innovations Group is a new leading force in affordable tech products that can greatly enhance a person's lifestyle.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) May 15th, 2019

Telling a person that there’s a device that can translate languages in real time sounds very much like some futuristic science fiction technology. But the fact is, that thanks to Casa Innovations Group, that vision of the future is now a reality. In exciting news, Casa Innovations Group recently announced the launch of the it’s Supreme Intelligent App Enabled Voice Language Translator . This Simple to use, and powerful device offers 5 different translation modes for all your translation needs, with real time two-way translations in over 33 languages. The enthusiasm surrounding this remarkable tech breakthrough is high and rising. All at a suggested MSRP of only $49.99.

“Our product helps bring people closer together and makes traveling the world much easier and safer,” commented Aron Abramson from Casa Innovations Group. “This can be your most valuable tool in a foreign country, without any doubt.”

Some highlights of the Supreme App Enabled Voice Language Translator’s features, include a 2 in 1 Earphone that provides instant real time 2-way voice translations, while also allowing the user to answer calls and listen to music. Multiple Translation Modes are available – Face to Face translation for when a user wants to communicate with people while traveling or while having a business meeting, Group Chat Translation for communicating in real time with multiple people anywhere in the world, each in their own language, Instant Translation for 1 on 1 private Verbal communication with anyone around the world and Broadcast Translation for speaking to a group of people in a meeting, each in their own language. The Translator also has a built in Language Tutor, that can help people to practice and learn a foreign language. It currently supports over 33 languages, and delivers both verbal and visual translations, covering all bases.

The app that powers the translator, as well as all future updates, are completely free to owners of the Supreme Brand App Enabled Voice Language Translator.

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About Casa Innovations Group

Casa Innovations Group is a new leading force in affordable tech products that can greatly enhance a person’s lifestyle.

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