Cases Fast Launches New Attorney-Client Acquisition System

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Guarantees results for attorneys looking for new cases.

Miami, FL (PRUnderground) March 5th, 2021

Cases Fast announced today the launch of their new client acquisition system, which is guaranteed to generate new paying cases for attorneys. The company solves one of the biggest challenges facing attorneys, which is client development. Indeed, during the past decade, law firms have experienced significant changes. Things are not the way they used to be. During better times, business was easier to acquire and maintain. Now, client fee sensitivity, competition, specialization, and poor public image have made it harder for a legal practice to generate sustainable income. 

Cases Fast, as its name implies, solves this problem. “With our new client-acquisition system, you’ll get a full schedule with no effort,” said Moe Elmaleh, CEO and Creator of the Cases Fast system. “The new patient acquisition system we created is powered by AI and is guaranteed to generate new paying cases for attorneys.”

As attorney’s are discovering today, being a great lawyer and having a successful practice doesn’t always go hand in hand. It’s very possible for one to be a skilled attorney, but at the same time lack the book of business that one might expect. Client acquisition should be one of the main goals of a law firm’s marketing. With the Cases Fast system, attorneys can expand their client base, attract new clients, and target marketing in a more effective manner.

Elmaleh and the Cases Fast team have developed the new case acquisition system that guarantees results and has a proven track record of filling up law firm calendars. The system was tested privately with 100 attorneys prior to the launch. The system will now be available to any attorney looking to increase their caseload. 

Elmaleh developed Cases Fast to overcome the problems that tend to come with existing attorney marketing systems. The solutions currently on the market often flood an attorney with low quality leads—creating a frustrating, unproductive user experience. He arrived at the idea after more than 10 years of experience as a college instructor, Google partner, and consultant to billion-dollar companies.

The patented Cases Fast system produces qualified leads by putting prospects through a proprietary assessment process before they reach an attorney. The fully automated system filters out impossible cases using artificial intelligence (AI). Upon receiving qualified leads from Cases Fast, attorneys and their offices can book appointments to follow up and initiate a profitable attorney-client relationship.

Cases Fast also offers exclusivity. The company only authorizes the Cases Fast client acquisition system to work with one attorney in a given geographic area. This approach confers a degree of competitive advantage on attorneys who utilize the solution. Attorneys can then focus on what really matters, which practicing law and offering great legal representation.

Using Cases Fast, attorneys can fill their calendars with billable work and meetings with qualified prospects.

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