Caspar.AI Integrates Vayyar Care’s 4D Imaging Sensors to Provide Actionable Behavioral Data in Retirement Communities

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Caspar.AI joins forces with Vayyar Care to enhance predictive resident care in the senior housing business

San Francisco, CA (PRUnderground) October 13th, 2022

Caspar.AI, a leading provider of integrated monitoring technology and behavioral analytics to the senior living industry, has added Vayyar Care sensors, the world’s most advanced touchless fall detection and activity tracking solution, to its offerings.

Caspar.AI’s customers can now rely on Vayyar Care’s automatic, touchless fall detection capabilities to ensure rapid response and eliminate the possibility of resident falls going undetected. When a resident does not receive assistance for an hour or more after a fall, the impact on their health and longevity can be catastrophic.

Together, Vayyar Care and Caspar.AI overcome the limitations of standard fall alert devices, such as:

  • Buttons and pullcords which residents may not be able to operate after a fall;
  • Wearables such as pendants and fall detection watches which many residents forget or refuse to wear: and,
  • Passive technologies such as video cameras and microphones, which are intrusive.

Caspar.AI and Vayyar Care, by contrast, deliver 24/7/365 visibility alongside privacy, dignity and independence.

Caspar provides its retirement community clients with a suite of tools that enhance staff efficiency, such as automated resident check-ins, reducing the need for staff to walk the halls making rounds. Caspar’s real-time dashboard enables personalized care planning for residents based on 30+ actionable data points. Caspar’s edge Artificial Intelligence technology utilizes additional data from Vayyar sensors to shed new light on sleep quality, and physical conditions such as UTIs.

Insight reports detailing residents’ activity, mobility levels and overall fall risk also serve to minimize the administrative burden on frontline caregivers. Research commissioned by Vayyar Care shows that senior care nurses are spending over eight hours per week on paperwork such as end-of-shift reports and fall risk assessments.

“I’m thrilled to welcome Vayyar Care to the Caspar.AI ecosystem and am confident that the new data streams provided by this exceptional solution will accelerate uptake of the predictive care model across the senior care industry,” said Ashutosh Saxena, Co-Founder and CEO of Caspar.AI. David Cheriton, Co-founder and Chief Scientist of Caspar. AI says, “With fewer caregivers available to assist them, technological synergies such as this are vital in terms of ensuring the safety, well-being and comfort of older Americans, as well as the long-term sustainability of communities.”

“Caspar.AI is one of the world’s most forward-thinking care platform providers, with a vision that aligns perfectly with our own,” said Marc McGrann, US Director of Sales at Vayyar Care. “I’m hugely excited about the potential of this strategic partnership to transform the senior living industry through proactive, predictive care and smarter work practices.”

As well as providing a new level of visibility into care users’ behavior, the partnership will enable Caspar.AI to enhance the smart home dimension of its offerings. By identifying when residents leave their apartments or suites, the company has automated the daily check-in process. Together with the energy savings, Caspar’s communities save over $120,000 per year. By tracking residents’ movements within their living spaces, Caspar.AI optimizes lighting, climate control, and home appliances to improve quality of life in all settings.

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Caspar.AI provides its retirement community clients with technology that increases efficiency while improving resident care. Automated check-ins, resident insights, and energy efficiency are three areas where Caspar.AI leads the industry. Caspar’s edge AI technology, with seven patents granted, does not require cameras or wearables – yet it produces medical & behavioral data inside the home that no one else can.

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