Caster Concepts Casters Reduce Downtime and Improve Productivity in the Manufacturing and Warehousing Industries

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Caster Concepts recommends maintenance-free casters to help reduce downtime and boost productivity in the manufacturing and warehousing industries.

Albion, MI (PRUnderground) July 15th, 2019

Companies in the mass manufacturing and warehousing industries know that even a slight setback can cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. What’s more, downtime can negatively affect a company’s ability to provide exceptional service to its clients. Caster Concepts, the premier provider of caster wheels for industries across the globe, recommends maintenance free casters for companies in manufacturing and warehousing. These casters are rugged, durable, and designed to keep going – all without maintenance.

The term “maintenance-free” may seem too good to be true, but Caster Concepts has created a line of casters that require absolutely no traditional maintenance that calls for downtime. Most casters will require tightening and lubrication quite frequently, and this means companies must pull their carts and racks from the production floor to tend to the maintenance. This can be problematic for many companies – especially small companies reliant on getting the most out of every minute of every day. Maintenance free casters from Caster Concepts are different.

Caster Concepts’ maintenance-free casters boast many benefits. They reduce initial and rolling push force, which makes them easier for operators to move. The sealed precision ball bearings made of neoprene provide smooth and easy movement. They do not require greasing or sealing, and they will still perform consistently year after year, even with regular use.

The swivel section is comprised of hardened raceways with offers smooth rotation. These casters have been designed with a great deal of precision to eliminate “play,” which makes the swivel feel solid and reduces typical swivel noise. These maintenance free casters are also compatible with custom extendable swivel leads that boost ergonomics and overall performance that is best suited for your application.

Traditional casters requiring regular greasing and tightening not only create unnecessary downtime, but they also create a risk of serious performance issues, failures, and even injury when they are not properly maintained. By switching to Caster Concepts’ maintenance free casters, including the ergonomic TWERGO series, companies can save time, save money, and improve overall workplace conditions for employees.

To learn more about Caster Concepts and its wide variety of standard and custom casters, visit the company’s website, call them at (888)764-1968, or fill out the short contact form online for a response via email in 24 hours.

About the Company: Caster Concepts is based in Albion, Michigan and provides companies of all sizes and in all industries with light, medium, and heavy-duty casters and wheels perfectly suited to individual applications. They focus on providing excellent customer service, and they frequently work with companies one-on-one to ensure a proper understanding of the issue at hand before designing a caster that works. They offer hundreds of different casters in a variety of sizes for industries including aerospace, medicine, foodservice and food manufacturing, warehousing, automotive, marine, and many, many more. For more information please visit

About Caster Concepts

Caster Concepts is headquartered in Albion, Michigan. They design, develop, and manufacture a wide variety of casters for various industries, including heavy duty industrial steel casters among others. Caster Concepts also provides caster design and engineering services for companies requiring casters outside of standard measurements, capacities, and applications.

Caster Concepts is a leading manufacturer of heavy duty casters and industrial caster wheels. We provide high quality, industrial strength casters and replacement caster wheels.

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