Caster Concepts Offers Various Heavy-Duty Industrial Steel Caster Case Studies

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Caster Concepts, a premier provider of both standard and custom heavy-duty casters for various industries, provides numerous case studies on the effectiveness of their products.

Albion, MI (PRUnderground) December 6th, 2018

Heavy-duty casters play important roles in many industries across the nation and abroad. Heavy-duty industrial steel casters, especially, must offer excellent quality and workmanship, and they must be designed to function in each industry’s unique conditions. Caster Concepts understands that not all high capacity casters are created equally and that is precisely why they publish thorough case studies on many of their products.

Big Casters for Big Projects

The case studies conducted by Caster Concepts make it easy for industry leaders to discover the ways in which the company has solved difficult problems with outstanding design, engineering, and workmanship. Each study focuses on an individual issue, such as the need to carry jet engines across a tarmac or a huge boat through a manufacturing facility. These casters had to be designed specifically to the clients’ needs; some required incredible shock absorption; others required stability.

Dual-Wheel Casters for Huge Jet Engines – Caster Concepts worked alongside an AVG manufacturer to help design and manufacture casters that could support not only the weight of 65,000-pound jet engines, but also the additional weight of the vehicle itself. These multi-million-dollar engines are viewed as precious cargo, and Caster Concepts was able to design the perfect tools for moving them safely.

Heavy-Duty Casters for Moving Marine Equipment – A well-known marine product manufacturer trusted Caster Concepts with coming up with the best caster solution for a marine dolly that would carry a 68-foot boat through their manufacturing facility. Caster Concepts was able to come up with a solution, and this ability to design and make bigger products gave the marine manufacturer more leverage within the industry.

Back-and-Forth Movement in the Oil Industry – In another example, Caster Concepts assisted an oil company in designing V-grooved drive casters that would ride back and forth smoothly along a testing track about nine feet long. This reduced the amount of manpower required to carry out the equipment testing and it also sped up the process a great deal.

If you rely on heavy-duty industrial steel casters to help your facility run safely and efficiently but finding a caster that is perfect for your individual and unique needs seems impossible, contact Caster Concepts today. The experts at Caster Concepts know casters better than any other company, and if they do not have a product that will solve your issue, they will help you design one that works.

About the Company: Caster Concepts is headquartered in Albion, Michigan and serves industries of all sizes in the US and overseas. Though they do provide numerous standard-sized casters available for order, they also specialize in the development and creation of highly specialized casters for unique applications – especially in manufacturing. They pride themselves on making anything imaginable available to their clients and customers, and that includes any caster or wheel for any application in a cost- and time-effective manner. For more information please visit

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Caster Concepts is a leading manufacturer of heavy duty casters and industrial caster wheels. We provide high quality, industrial strength casters and replacement caster wheels.

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