Caster Concepts Provides Early Spring Caster Maintenance and Replacement Tips

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Michigan-based caster designers and manufacturers, Caster Concepts, provides important caster maintenance and replacement tips for companies across every industry.

Albion, MI (PRUnderground) May 6th, 2020

Casters play important roles in every industry. They move goods, parts, and items from one location to another safely and efficiently, which improves productivity, reduces the risk of injury, and keeps things flowing smoothly in the workplace. Maintaining and replacing casters as needed is critical. The team at Caster Concepts, a leading designer and manufacturer of heavy-duty industrial casters, offers some tips for maintenance and replacement.

One of the best ways to reduce downtime associated with caster maintenance and replacement is to choose the right casters for the job from the outset. Things like capacity, environment, and use will all play important roles in determining which caster is best for your needs. Caster Concepts offers an online Caster Configurator tool designed to help companies choose the right casters for their individual needs.

Though maintenance-free casters can certainly make things simpler, it is still important to regularly inspect casters for signs of wear or damage. Some of the things to examine include the frame and fasteners, lubrication (for casters without sealed bearings), wheels, swivels, and usage. Tighten any loose nuts and bolts and lubricate where required. You should also check for debris trapped in the caster’s tread or wrapped around the swivel. This can cause excessive wear and even prevent the caster from operating correctly.

Even premium casters must be replaced from time to time. If your casters have been used in a manner for which they were not intended, it is important to replace them. For example, if your work environment requires a caster that can withstand extremely hot temperatures, make sure that the material you have chosen can withstand the highest potential temperature. Furthermore, you should replace any casters with a capacity that is lower than the loads they carry. This is a serious safety hazard and can lead to downtime or even injury. Casters that display significant wear – worn tread, stripped bolts, loose swivels, and more – should also be replaced right away.

Per the experts at Caster Concepts, it is best to inspect your casters frequently – at least several times each year. A quick visual inspection when racks and carts are not in use improves workplace safety and can reduce the significant downtime often caused by a faulty or failed caster. Starting with the right casters for the application, then inspecting them frequently and replacing them as necessary is a vital part of keeping your operations productive.

To learn more about Caster Concepts, shop their wide range of industrial casters, or even design a custom caster for your specific needs, visit the company’s website. You can also call (888)799-71656 or request a quote online.

About Caster Concepts

Caster Concepts is headquartered in Albion, Michigan. They design, develop, and manufacture a wide variety of casters for various industries, including heavy duty industrial steel casters among others. Caster Concepts also provides caster design and engineering services for companies requiring casters outside of standard measurements, capacities, and applications.

Caster Concepts is a leading manufacturer of heavy duty casters and industrial caster wheels. We provide high quality, industrial strength casters and replacement caster wheels.

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