CCM Finance Offers a “Borrower’s Guide to Private Money Lending” to Help New Real Estate Investors Understand Their Options

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Minnesota-based financier, CCM Finance, provides its “Borrower’s Guide to Private Money Lending” as a free resource on its website.

Minneapolis, MN (PRUnderground) July 15th, 2020

Real estate investing is incredibly popular among people of all ages. In fact, it’s one of the first investments many people make in their lives. CCM Finance, a premier provider of funding for real estate investors, offers a wealth of resources for those who need tips, guidance, and links to market trends. Their Borrower’s Guide to Private Money Lending is aimed at new investors interested in learning more about their financing options.

New investors sometimes find themselves feeling rather discouraged when it comes to purchasing their first investment properties, and this is especially true among those who do not have substantial credit histories or those who have imperfect credit. Though there are numerous ways to go about obtaining funding, all of which are discussed in the Borrower’s Guide to Private Money Lending, it is advantageous to seek out a financier that specializes in real estate.

According to the team at CCM Finance, there are three main advantages associated with choosing a real estate-specific financier. First and foremost, these lenders are more likely to approve investors’ funding, even when traditional lenders have turned them down. These companies have worked in real estate for many years, which means they look at far more than just their clients’ credit reports. They also consider the value of the property, the likelihood that their investors will turn a significant profit, and even the projected market value of a property once it has been renovated.

The second advantage associated with obtaining funding from a specialized lender is the access to a variety of loan types. Traditional banks and lenders offer mortgages and personal loans, but these are simply not tailored to real estate investors. CCM Finance, for example, offers project- or investment-specific loans. These include fix-and-flip financing, homebuilder loans, and even funding for purchasing and renovating multifamily properties.

Finally, real estate financiers offer incredibly competitive interest rates, even for investors who may have imperfect credit situations or little credit history at all. These companies understand that investors need to maximize their profits, so they offer some of the industry’s best rates to help those investors stick to their budgets. These companies work to provide approvals and funding quickly, which means their underwriting processes are different and often much simpler than those used by traditional banks.

To learn more about the various funding opportunities CCM Finance can provide, visit their website today. You can also contact the team at (612)254-0025 or email them at if you have any questions. If you’re ready to get started, feel free to start your application for a loan online.

About CCM Finance: CCM Finance is a small group of lenders and real estate investors that is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. CCM Finance has many years of experience as a subsidiary of Carpathian Capital Management, and collectively, the team owns more than 300 properties in the area. Their real estate experience and knowledge has allowed them to develop lending and underwriting processes that serve investors best. In fact, they aim to be a partner rather than just a financier, so they provide practical real-world advice for any imaginable concern. For more information please visit

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