CCM Finance, Premier Real Estate Lenders in Minnesota, Discuss Home Improvement Projects with the Best ROI in 2020

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Minnesota-based lenders, CCM Finance, discuss home improvement projects with a high return on investment in 2020.

Minneapolis, MN (PRUnderground) May 4th, 2020

Real estate investing can be incredibly rewarding, and this is particularly true with fix-and-flip projects that allow investors to completely remodel homes, then sell them at a profit. During the “fix” phase, investors will often sink money into specific projects, such as finishing a basement or even adding a sunroom. However, not all of these profits add a great deal of value to a home. CCM Finance, a premier provider of real estate financing, discusses some of the best home improvement projects with a high return on investment.

Remodel the Exterior

One of the best ways to enjoy a significant return on your remodeling investment involves remodeling the exterior of the home you want to flip. After all, curb appeal is everything. The buyer’s first impression will influence how much he or she is willing to pay, so making sure that first impression is a good one can pay off. Two areas of focus here include replacing the siding and updating both the front door and the garage door. Whereas new windows and roofing are always nice, updated siding and fresh new doors add more value to almost any home.

Trade Carpets for Hard Floors

Though carpeting can be a welcome addition in some homes, today’s homeowners prefer the simplicity of hard floors. After all, with a sleek wood floor, homeowners can simply lay down rugs of their choice and make their homes their own. Carpet feels more permanent and is far more difficult to clean, as well. If paying for solid hardwood floors is not in your budget, there are more affordable alternatives to consider. A good quality laminate often looks just as nice as the real thing, and it will pay for itself when you sell.

Modernize the Bathroom(s)

Bathrooms are areas that are often overlooked during fix-and-flip projects, but believe it or not, a modern bathroom can add a great deal of value to any home. While a complete update is always best, if you are on a budget, start with the vanities and the fixtures in all the bathrooms and go from there. It makes things look much nicer, but you don’t have to pull out the toilet, tub, and shower stall and start from scratch. In fact, CCM Finance recommends looking for fix-and-flip properties that are in good repair overall, but need a bit of updating to be desirable – and this is especially true for bathrooms.

CCM Finance provides funding for real estate investors of all kinds and of all experience levels. Fix-and-flip projects continue to remain profitable for their clients, and these three projects are common among clients who generate the most profits. To learn more about CCM Finance, or to apply for financing, visit their website today. You can also call them at (612)254-0025 or send an email to

About CCM Finance: CCM Finance is a subsidiary of Carpathian Capital Management, a property management company with more than 300 properties and many years of experience. CCM Finance is dedicated to helping real estate investors find the funding they need to move quickly on projects with numerous loan options. Though they are a small company, they serve as more than just lenders – to their clients, they are partners in their real estate investing journeys.

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