Celeri Network led by a 23 Year-old CEO raised 2.5M USD in seed funding

Industry: Financial Services

Today, the New York-based company is confirming it’s closed on $2.5 million in Seed Funding at a valuation of $11 Million.

New York City, NY (PRUnderground) November 6th, 2019

As technology grows, so does the need for humans to have easy access to essentially everything. Here at Celeri Network, our goal is to reinvent the way you access credit, and make that access fast, fair and simple; hence our name Celeri – derived from the Latin word “celer” meaning swift and quick with a twist on the word celery. Celeri Network helps you achieve financial independence and success without having to wait on line at a bank, or put your life on hold waiting for financing. In your active world- the least we can do is make getting a loan stress-free.

At just 23 years old, our CEO Justin Cheng, created Celeri Network in October 2019 with a passion to help businesses and students in the U.S achieve their goals and dreams with easy access to capital, offering credit to a community vastly underserved by traditional financing options. At Celeri Network, we relate to our clients’ dreams, goals, and ambitions. Celeri is looking to bring innovation and disruption to an industry that has been ready for change when it comes to their finances. From the start, Justin Cheng believed accessing credit should be seamless and made available to everyone. Justin wants clients to view the company as trustworthy, innovative, and dedicated to client servicer- and Celeri Network will take every measure to achieve this goal.

Celeri Network is a financial company that uses both technology and peer to peer interactions to empower business owners and students to make their dreams a reality. We are a technology-driven company built on the belief that innovation and creative solutions deliver consumer value while maintaining the highest standard of service to our customers. We understand loans are not one size fits all, and that is why every loan is personalized for you, by us. We strive to make your life easier and help you get your financial status where you want it to be. We are in this together, and we take every loan request personally.  At Celeri, our customers come first, and our commitment is simple; to uphold the utmost proficiency and excellence in all that we do. We want to make our clients feel confident and assured that Celeri Market’s team of professionals are here for them. 

Celeri’s team of experts are hired strategically, and by the CEO himself. Justin looks for employees with a record of delivering the utmost support and care in helping clients achieve their dreams. Most of Celeri Network’s employees are your regular people who believe in change through technology. Celeri’s employees understand the frustration of the lengthy loan process; therefore our goal is to make access to capital effortless and hassle-free. We passionately believe in Celeri Network and are driven to make businesses and student’s dreams come true. We’re not the only ones who believe in Celeri Network. In just one month, Celeri Network raised 2.5M USD in seed funding. Many companies aren’t able to achieve that in years. Celeri Network honors and shows gratitude to our investors for making our dream – and yours – come true. 

About Celeri Network, Inc

Celeri Network is located in the heart of the financial district, at 180 Maiden Lane NY, NY 10038, giving us access to the latest trends in technology and will always provide clients and potential clients with the up to date convenience.

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