Centific’s New LoopSuite Solution to Accelerate Uptake of Responsible AI

Industry: Technology

Solution relies on human-in-the-loop approach and a single technology platform

Redmond, WA (PRUnderground) April 17th, 2023

Centific, a world-class digital solutions provider, today announced the launch of LoopSuite, a comprehensive product suite engineered to support AI reinforcement learning with human feedback.

LoopSuite helps ensure that AI applications such as generative AI produce the most accurate, responsible and unbiased content possible. LoopSuite does so by relying on its own mindful AI approach, which includes a global, diverse crowdsourced team of people to perform crucial tasks such as training AI models and moderating content. Centific’s team relies on its OneForma platform to enable AI models to make more accurate decisions.

LoopSuite includes the following modules focused on supporting generative AI tools:

  • LoopText for text-based generative AI. For instance, LoopText includes plagiarism detection
  • LoopVision for evaluating image-based generative AI tools such as DALL-E 2
  • LoopTalk for ensuring that Voice AI is accurate and diverse

LoopSuite enhances multifaceted data through a diverse talent pool composed of more than 1 million people across genders, ethnicities, age groups, geographies and areas of expertise. For example, LoopSuite helps clients evaluate data used for AI models by relying on multiple raters and annotators who ensure language models are aligned with human preferences.

“LoopSuite will help AI fulfill its potential in a responsible, mindful way that keeps humans at the center of the experience,” said Venkat Rangapuram, CEO, Centific. “Combining diverse talents with OneForma will accelerate the development of responsible AI at scale.”

Centific works with top Fortune 500 clients with an array of customer experience, data, intelligence, and IT services, delivering award-winning solutions on an enterprise scale.

To learn more about Centific visit: https://www.Centific.com

About Centific

Centific expertly engineers platforms and curates multimodal, multilingual data to empower the ‘Magnificent Seven’ and enterprise clients with safe, scalable AI deployment. Our team includes over 150 PhDs and data scientists, along with more than 4,000 AI practitioners and engineers. We leverage platforms, partners, and 1.8 million vertical domain experts to create high-quality pre-trained datasets, fine-tuned industry-specific LLMs, and RAG pipelines supported by vector databases. Our innovations can reduce GenAI costs by up to 80% and bring GenAI solutions to market 50% faster in 230 locales.

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