Certified Watch Store Analyzes 2020 Mens and Womens Shopping Trends

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In their analysis, Certified Watch Store took note of hot new fashion watch trends along with predictions for purchase behaviors in the coming year.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) September 9th, 2019

Certified Watch Store (CertifiedWatchStore.com), a Brooklyn, New York-based family-owned business with over 10 years of experience in the luxury jewelry sector and which prides itself on its ability to source and deliver authentic luxury goods at phenomenal prices, recently analyzed popular 2019 watch trends as predicted by recognized watchmakers, including Bremont and Farer, Rado and G-Shock, the goal of which is to inform and provide insight to its formidable customer base.

In their analysis, Certified Watch Store representatives took note of such hot trends as rose gold bracelets and blue dials, vintage-esque watches in smaller sizes, smart watches and watches that “tell a story.”

CWS also announced the availability of sexy new Calvin Klein pieces, including the K7551126 Celerity quartz movement men’s watch with silver dial and the K5A31141 Bold quartz movement men’s watch with black dial.

“While much has changed since the first pocket watches of the 16th century, the watch industry is still one that’s not too reliant on an ever-changing conveyor belt of new pieces,” explains a Certified Watch Store company spokesperson. “That’s not to say that there haven’t been changes in recent years, especially since the introduction of the smart watch, and we’re keeping an eye on such influencers’ impact on the industry.

“We’ve been seeing warm tones for a while in the watch sector, and we believe these will continue to be of interest in the year ahead; the popularity of rose gold as a color is well-documented, and we’re also seeing a plethora of bronze, browns and amber colors as well.”

In addition to these trends CWS reps took note of, the rise of blue as a key watch embellishment was another area predicted to make a splash in the 2019-and-beyond market, along with black plastics and white, silver, gold and black metals.

With regard to watches that “tell a story,” CWS reps point out that the story behind a watch – what it’s made from, how it was made, which other people wear it – is often the reason owners keep putting it on, in addition to the way it catches the attention of everyone who sees it.

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We pride ourselves on our ability to source and deliver authentic luxury goods at phenomenal prices. Our goal is to earn our customers’ trust and complete satisfaction.

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