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Chad Ian Lieberman Informs Search Engine Strategies for Focused Webmasters

Industry: SEO

Chad Lieberman is quite famous for implementing innovative and bespoke strategies to help clients meet their specific goals and objectives.

Miami, Florida (PRUnderground) February 13th, 2015

We often judge the quality of a website by its success. It is therefore important for webmasters to understand the different tricks and tip for enhancing the performance of their websites. Chad Lieberman explains some strategies that webmasters can use to improve their website’s search engine rankings.

According to Chad Lieberman, many webmasters are familiar with the basics of SEO. However, SEO is dynamic. Search engines keep changing and improving their algorithms. The SEO landscape is never the same and strategies have to alter to accommodate these changes.

One simple strategy that Lieberman suggests is to ensure that your website URLs are search friendly. It is important to incorporate actual words in your URL to make it easy to understand and provide information of what the page contains. For example, instead of using a URL such as domainname/89200_9289.html, you should rename it to domainname/about_us.html.

Lieberman also advises webmasters to make use of multifunctional search engine optimization strategies such as suggested pages sections. Including suggested pages such as ‘other users found this article helpful’ or ‘other viewers also viewed these products’ will help your visitors navigate your website better. Because the content on these sections keeps updating depending on the content viewed, it provides your website with fresh content.

This strategy will also help search engines to gather information about the search habits of your users. Search engines will therefore send more traffic to your website depending on search queries made. You’ll therefore get a larger volume of relevant and specific traffic.

A simple strategy for improving the rankings of your website is to review your website’s title as it appears on search engine results pages. This not only makes a difference in the ranking of your website but also in encouraging readers to click through to your website.

It is important to ensure that your website’s titles and descriptions provide accurate information of what the reader can expect when they click through to your website. Be sure to include keywords in the titles and in the description. This will make the webpage more relevant to the search. It will also draw the attention of viewers and encourage them to click to your page.

Lieberman cautions webmasters against the temptation to use keywords repetitively. Search engines today penalize websites for keyword stuffing. Getting back into their good graces will take a long time. Avoid it completely by using keywords naturally and sparingly.

These tips ought to help you get started on a successful Internet marketing strategy.

About Chad Lieberman

Chad Ian Lieberman is an SEO expert whose company, 6W Search Engine Optimization, offers comprehensive digital marketing services. 6W SEO for almost 10 years has been implementing groundbreaking and tailored strategies to help clients meet their specific goals and objectives.

About 6W SEO LLC

6W Search Engine Optimization is a full-service digital marketing agency maintaining practice areas in organic search engine marketing, technology SEO, corporate online communications.

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