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Chad Lieberman From 6W SEO Teaches You Don’t Need an SEO Agency to Help You with Your Website

Industry: SEO

Leading Online Marketing Expert Chad Ian Lieberman Shows SEO-PPC Secrets That Will Save You Money and Time.

New York, New York (PRUnderground) January 26th, 2015

There was controversy today as one of the top 100 SEO companies in New York questioned the role of SEO agencies for businesses and website owners. In a cleverly crafted question, 6WSEO, which is also an SEO agency, provoked the thoughts of the public on the need for SEO services from professional search engine optimization experts.

“Does a business really need to hire an SEO expert when they are optimizing their website for better search engine rankings? Are SEO Agencies really necessary? If they are, what is their role? Can’t businesses optimize their own websites without help from outside?” Chad Lieberman, the lead SEO expert at 6WSEO provoked.

“The reason we are asking the business community these questions is so that they can think deep and hard when hiring SEO services. There has been a mushrooming growth of ‘SEO Agencies’ all across America, some, which don’t even know what SEO, is. We need to inform website owners that they need to scrutinize any SEO agency before they hire its services. Are they professional? Are they experienced? Do they offer SEO-related information with ease? Do they educate their clients and prospects? Are they affordable? Do they drive results in a timely and verifiable manner? Answers to these questions are what dictate whether you need an SEO agency services or not. Otherwise you will be blowing your money for nothing”, he added.

Some SEO activities are simple and straightforward and a website owner can implement them without professional help. However, for a fully fledged SEO campaign, it is paramount to employ the services of a highly experienced SEO expert who has the tools to help you rank your website on the leading search engines for an improved bottom line.

About 6WSEO

Based in New York, 6WSEO is a leading Search Engine Optimization agency. It is among the top 100 Search Engine Optimization Agencies in the United States with very cost effective SEO services. It uses state-of-the-art research and SEO technologies and software. It works with the small, mid-sized and big business entities, which seek to get better online visibility. Its SEO packages are custom-made for each client to match given business needs. Among its services are On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, keyword research and free SEO training. Find out more at https://www.6wseo.com .

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6W Search Engine Optimization is a full-service digital marketing agency maintaining practice areas in organic search engine marketing, technology SEO, corporate online communications.

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