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Chad Lieberman From 6W Teaches “The Importance of Unique Content”

Industry: SEO

Mr. Lieberman, Top Internet Marketer provides tips for up and coming bloggers to increase traffic to their websites the right way.

Manhattan, New York (PRUnderground) January 30th, 2015

Content is of paramount importance for bloggers who want to become established on the Internet”. These were Chad Ian Lieberman’s opening remarks as he set about educating the public on the importance of having unique content. “A blog must have the right content so as to be found or indexed by search engines,” he added.

He recommends outsourcing content writing and article management for bloggers that need to make money off their site and are struggling with generation of useful content on the regular. Understanding however that this may not be plausible for the blogger with little to no money, Mr. Lieberman conceded that there are other methods through which to generate content for websites.

“You can activate automatic scripts for auto-blogs, which extract articles from online directories, posting them on the blogger’s site,” he offered one such example. He however advised against this stating that though simple, auto blogging may cost the blogger his reputation in the long run.

Moreover, he continued, search engine algorithms today are such that they identify duplication of content, and reject the duplicating website. “Google’s spokespersons have stated publicly that they are cracking down on such sites,” Mr. Lieberman informed. Website owners have actually received penalties from Google that include blacklisting from Google search engine results for any keyword.

So what should the new and not-so-rich blogger do? “Patience,” he advised, “Nobody expects a new blog to have hundreds of articles in the first few weeks.” He recommends that bloggers take the time needed to build good original content slowly, writing and posting reasonably, like five times a week. “Over the long haul, you’ll build a repertoire of good content, and boost your traffic the right way.”

He concluded by reiterating that regular and high quality content for blogs is the best practice. As an alternative, he offered that bloggers might outsource topics or subjects in order to get relevant content. With a high volume of unique high quality content under the belt, he promised that the results in form of traffic would begin to trickle in. Again, he said, this could take several months; therefore bloggers would need to exercise patience.

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