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Chad Lieberman Teaches “An Introduction to Onsite and Offsite SEO”

Industry: SEO

Mr. Chad Ian Lieberman explains SEO and its importance to search engine visibility in its various forms.

New York City, NY (PRUnderground) February 2nd, 2015

Mr. Lieberman of 6WSEO.com strongly asserted that any business that is serious about establishing a strong web presence must maximize its exposure to search engines. Speaking during his recently concluded training on onsite and offsite SEO, Mr. Lieberman added that search engines are capable of increasing traffic of potential buyers to a business’s site by the millions.

During his training, he educated the public on the importance of SEO, stating that its importance is so paramount a whole industry dedicated to the field has arisen. He revealed how search engines (SE) work, stating gathering of the information for searches through complex computer programs called spiders.

He went on, saying that these are so called because they ‘crawl the web’ in search of the best information given search criteria entered by an interested party. “These super computers are able to do so within a fraction of a second,” he said, “going through billions of websites to pick out the best list matching the search criteria. This list is then displayed from the most relevant moving downwards.”

Mr. Lieberman revealed that each engine has its own unique formula that it applies to determine relevance. Google for example has more than 200 search variables it tests content against before presenting to the searching party. “While the entire list is kept closely guarded,” he continued, “a number of those variables are known, and thus used to improve search visibility through SEO.”

He explained further that SEO falls into sub categories of onsite SEO and offsite SEO. The former describes the work of a Webmaster in improving search visibility by modifying the actual site – SE-friendly URLs, sitemaps, internal links, Meta tags etc. – while the latter describes techniques employed in other locations to improve site visibility on SEs. He explained that the latter was the greater focus of SEO, since it carried more ‘weight’.

“However, building links for off-page SEO also must follow a certain quality measure,” he revealed. He finally advised that webmasters should examine the quality of links they post because, “while quantity is key, quality is much more important.”

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