Chandler’s 2023 ThreeBestRated® Cardiologist Briefs Cardiac Catheterization

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Chandler, AZ (PRUnderground) April 4th, 2023

The heart is the most important organ in the body that ensures the flow of blood which supplies nutrients along with oxygen throughout the body. Cardiac health is very important for your well-being. However people face lots of heart-related issues due to various reasons including unhealthy food habits, no focus on the health of the body, wrong lifestyle practices and so on. Irregular heartbeats and clogged arteries are one of the issues faced by a bunch of people. Medicine has grown to a whole new level with the implementation of modern technology. On that note, Cardiac Catheterization is the most common practice to deal with the above-mentioned problems, instructs Ziad Elghoul, MD—Cedars Heart Clinic. A notable cardiologist who was recently awarded the 2023 ThreeBestRated® award. Let us hear his words on the topic,

Cardiac Catheterization 

Cardiac Catheterization is a medical procedure that uses “catheters” which is a flexible and thin tube that is guided through blood vessels to the heart for the purpose of treating and diagnosing heart conditions. It can fetch you every information about the heart including details of heart valves, heart muscle along with blood vessels in the heart. It felicitates doctors with various issues like doing various tests, removal of heart tissue for examination and to even delivering treatments. Coronary stenting and coronary angioplasty are the most common treatments undertaken with cardiac catheterization. The patient will receive conscious sedation during the process as it is not risky. Preferred medications will be provided to keep the patient relaxed. Recovery time is very short which makes it even more convenient for the patients. Well-planned cardiac catheterization can help doctors in the following purposes,

● Examination of blood vessels.

● Diagnosing heart valve disease and heart problems from birth.

● Calculation of blood pumped by heart.

● Widening of narrowed artery.

● Measurement of oxygen and pressure levels in various parts of the heart.

● Locating blockages in the heart.

● Opening narrowed and repairing heart vessels.

● Examination of microvascular heart issues.

● Closing holes and repairing other congenital heart defects.

Bleeding, blood clotting, stroke and infections are the common issues one can experience in the process of cardiac catheterization, says the expert. However choosing experienced professionals like Ziad Elghoul, MD—Cedars Heart Clinic can help you avoid the issues. He is a renowned cardiologist in and around chandler who you can consult for all your cardio-related issues and advice.

More About Ziad Elghoul, MD—Cedars Heart Clinic 

Dr. Ziad Elghoul is one of Arizona’s most compassionate and highly skilled interventional cardiologists who is board-certified in cardiovascular disease, nuclear cardiology, and interventional cardiology. The expert completed his internal medicine residency at Staten Island University Hospital and served as a Chief Resident in Internal Medicine. Completion of general cardiology fellowship at the State University of NY, Brooklyn then proceeded to do another year of advanced training in interventional and peripheral vascular disease at the University of Louisville, KY, is another highlight of his qualification that made him feature in ThreeBestRated® listing only after their 50-Point Inspection. Dr. Ziad Elghoul is published in several peer-reviewed journals and continues to participate in numerous valuable research studies. Dr. Elghoul also participated in several research studies, including the ABSORB trial and the PIONEER 3 trial. He is currently practicing at Cedars Heart Clinic. Know more at

Electrocardiography, clinical consultation, nuclear, vascular imaging, holter and event monitoring, stress echocardiogram, cardiac catheterization, carotid angiography, tilt table test, watchman implant, peripheral balloon angioplasty, loop recorder insertion, pacemaker placement, cardiac CT angiography, atherectomy, thrombectomy & stenting are among the treatments offered by Ziad Elghoul, MD—Cedars Heart Clinic.

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