Change In Seconds New Web-Based Program Helps Members Thrive With Adopting Healthy Lifestyle Habits

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With 5,000 members and counting, a new program gives users a fun reason to be challenged, restored, and informed.

Surrey, BC, Canada (PRUnderground) April 8th, 2019

Just in time for spring, Change In Seconds alters the wellness landscape by broadening their reach. Having marked their success rate by helping people confidently take back their well-being, the site launched, Lifestyle Beats Diet. 

It’s a free web-based healthy living program that is aligned with the company’s mission; that healthy lifestyles are best achieved through daily achievable goals. The program allows members to track privately either their clean eating, weight loss, and fitness goals.

While it keeps the focus on diet and exercise, it also tallies water, sleep, mindset, health, and other lifestyle habits. By identifying the needs of the whole person, Change in Seconds members can become accustomed to a whole body lifestyle change.  

For long-term results, members are encouraged either to track 6 specific daily habits, keep a personalized food journal, record their inch loss if that is their focus and/or participate in any of their 180 challenges for 30 days!  

The 30-day challenges keep motivation high. A few of the popular challenges include, avoid junk food, do not eat gluten-free foods, perform 10 push-ups daily or exercise 30 minutes a day. 

For challenges that provide a printable workout, a member can try the spell your name challenge, the 30-day plank challenge, the kettlebell swing workout as well as the love handle workout.

The site is also a veritable resource for gluten-free, vegetarian, paleo, ketogenic, vegan and vegetarian specialty diets plus numerous nutrition tips and clean eating recipes. 

“There’s something here for everyone,” said Rhonda Shade, Founder of Change In Seconds. “Focusing on diet changes, a member can either choose the 8-week transition or our 80/20 concept that employs what we call ‘wiggle room’ so you can enjoy your life while learning how to eat healthier.”

About Change In Seconds Media

Change in Seconds Media was founded in May of 2015 to help visitors embody healthy living.

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