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Charles D’Angelo, Weight Loss and Transformation Coach, Explains How He Helped Client to Shed 75 Lbs

Industry: Health & Fitness

Charles D’Angelo, a leading transformation coach, recently shared the story of a client who lost 75lbs with his help. The story was showcased in D’Angelo’s widely acclaimed Transformation Tuesday series, which highlights the motivational stories of clients who have successfully improved their overall wellbeing with the help of his coaching.

St. Louis, Missouri (PRUnderground) December 10th, 2020

During the recent Transformation Tuesday segment, client Coby Arzola explained that he had struggled with being overweight for much of his life. After spending so many years feeling unfulfilled, he decided to reach out to D’Angelo for help. In just seven months, he managed to lose 75lbs and thus reclaim his health and self-esteem.

In the segment, Arzola explained that working with D’Angelo was life altering because D’Angelo showed him the important role that mindset plays in the weight loss process. According to D’Angelo, when people want to lose weight, it is critical that they have a clear vision in their minds of how they want their life to look overall. Then, they can shape their decisions around this vision. The map a person has in their mind makes it much easier to let go of the things in the way of reaching their goals.

D’Angelo also taught Arzola the importance of making smart decisions in the areas of food and exercise. For instance, Arzola learned how important of a role working out plays in the process of losing weight. He also learned which foods to stick with and which ones to avoid to shed fat in a healthy way.

Over the course of his career, Charles D’Angelo has helped thousands of individuals to personally experience the feeling of accomplishment that comes with losing weight. He has also shared his expert insights with the masses by authoring a personal development book and a weight loss book, respectively: Inner Guru and Think and Grow Thin.

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