Charlie Bravo Motorcycle Rescue Dog Liberates the Hearts of Thousands with Social Media Firestorm

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Little Rock, AR (PRUnderground) July 18th, 2016

How could they have known that the contents of a crate, deserted alongside the road, would change the lives of thousands of strangers? From starvation to a constant diet of feeding the souls of many, Charlie Bravo Motorcycle Rescue Dog springs to fame via Facebook.  With nearly 25k followers in short time, the canine marauder of hearts has come to stay.  She has also come to start her merchandise line with a July launch on Shopify to help her fellow canine pals in need.

Giving her readers inspiration, hope, and a place to hang their hat on good news, the now healthy Charlie Bravo “regularly posts” encouragement on her viral Facebook page.  Branching out to Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and now her website the dog is a crusader for the underprivileged set once like her.  Found alongside the road, starving to death in a dog crate, she knows of what she speaks.  A smart pal indeed, she’s found an excellent mouthpiece in her human counterpart, Bret Winingar, a.k.a. Dad.

Winingar said of the July launch of the new Charlie Bravo Motorcycle Rescue Dog merchandise line and Shopify store, “We know we can’t save every abused dog but with help, we can change the lives of the ones we come in contact with.  To do that, our clothing line’s paw print logo is backed by our No Dog Left Behind mission.  We’re vigilant.  And that vigilance has been rewarded with print and media news outlets and bloggers picking up the story across the country.”  

To that end, Charlie’s paw print is a symbol of freedom and hope set to work with the ongoing donation of a percentage of the profits to worthy animal assistance charities.  From the merchandise sales, a percentage of profits are earmarked for the next rescue or intervention. In some cases, initial vet services, spay/neuter fees, board and feed services can be rendered. In other cases, all of these services can be given in addition to partnering with a local shelter or charity to help complete the rehoming of the dog.

Breaking down limits with remarkable intentionality, the story of Charlie’s crate has left a lasting mark in more ways than one.  Winingar continues, “Charlie was abandoned in her crate, skin over bones when we found her.  To us, that crate is an analogy for every person that lives in a self-imposed prison.  That could be a dead-end job, an abusive relationship, chemical or alcohol addiction, or the most confining crate of all, the fear of the unknown.  Charlie is beautiful and happy and blossoming today.  She reminds us that with a little help, we can do that too.”

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The Charlie Bravo Story, LLC is the parent company of The Charlie Bravo Motorcycle Rescue Dog website and clothing line. Dedicated to bringing good news to its followers, and funds to animal assistance charities, the platform consistently publishes encouraging animal-related news stories.

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