Checking the Text for Uniqueness and Plagiarism Is No More Scary with PhD Essay

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Writing an academic essay may not be easy at all sometimes. If you want to write a decent paper, you’ll need to do a lot of work!

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It is no story that writing, generally, is not an entirely easy task to do; it takes a considerable amount of time, effort, and an exceptional level of creativity to string words together. Plus, you will have to avoid plagiarism at all cost; otherwise, you can get in trouble. Anyone who plagiarizes draws undue attention, severe penalties, and/or legal sanctions to themselves, and this may ultimately ruin their career.

Let me ask you a question: how would you feel if another writer copied your work, or part of your work, and published it as if it were theirs without even acknowledging or appropriately referencing you? Pretty vexed, right? Yea, that’s how another author would feel if you copied their work too. So, why plagiarize when you can completely avoid it by scanning your works with an anti plagiarism checker online? But how can you do that? Don’t be scared! The next section is dedicated to answering your question.

How to check for plagiarism?

Checking for “text duplication,” as I like to call it, is not as difficult as you may think. With a plagiarism software checker online, it is less daunting than you may have imagined it to be.

First, after you are done with your essay and have read it through a couple of times, search for a plagiarism checker online tool like If you want to avoid the stress of searching on end, you could use and make your life a lot easier. What an online plagiarism checker actually does is that it scans your essay and then compares it with what it has already in its database to see if there are any similarities between what you have and what other writers have written. Once it notices duplication, it will indicate it by either underlining or highlighting them, depending on the particular type of checker you use.

So, how do you check for plagiarism in your text? Definitely with a checker; one that is highly effective, that has an algorithm that can thoroughly check between the lines to see if you have actually copied someone else’s work of art and creativity.

Second, copy your text from your Microsoft Word workspace and paste in a box that you’d find on the checker’s page. However, some checkers can open your file directly from your computer. As I said earlier, it depends on the type of checker you’re using.

However, it is important to know that virtually all the checkers you’ll find online have a word limit that you can paste in their boxes. That is, there’s a limited amount of words that you’ll be allowed to paste in the provided boxes. If you exceed this amount, the checker won’t work or may not work as effectively as it should. So, it may take longer to check if you have more words that the checker allows.

It’s just as simple as ABC! Copy, paste and scan your text, and then wait for the process to complete, and you’ll have all the plagiarism in your text made visible.

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