Checkout Made Safe and Seamless: How Heslo Pay’s Biometric Security is Redefining E-Commerce

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Heslo’s Passwordless Digital Trust Technology Allows Streamlined Processes and Reduced Cart Abandonment

Carlsbad, CA (PRUnderground) May 7th, 2021

Amidst the digital renaissance, new technologies have emerged that have redefined the way both businesses and consumers go about their lives and processes. As the world navigates a new societal landscape with a heavier reliance on technology, both individuals and businesses have raised growing concerns regarding security and speed. Consumers require security and peace of mind when it comes to payments; businesses require speed and streamlined processes to encourage conversions. Historically, the two have yet to coexist in harmony, until now. Introducing Heslo Pay; the only passwordless one-click checkout button leveraging biometric security to ensure a safe and seamless checkout process for all parties. 

The world’s largest companies rely on high-level authentication to not only thrive but function while protecting sensitive data. Until now, this technology has not been available to consumers and e-commerce companies around the globe. Heslo’s latest app implements this groundbreaking technology that uses touch and face ID to curate the most secure checkout process the internet can offer. 

Available for Shopify, Ecwid, and BigCommerce users, Heslo Pay replaces traditional checkout pages by allowing users to auto-fill their payment and shipping information securely with one simple click. Any e-commerce professional understands the impact of a streamlined checkout process on incoming leads. Any friction for potential customers can result in abandoned carts and lowered conversion rates.  

Heslo Pay combines biometric security, convenience, and simplicity to create an unparalleled  checkout experience that increases conversion rates, reduces cart abandonment, and turns eager prospects into dedicated fans. The final step in a marketing journey, Heslo Pay’s one-of-a-kind technology is providing confidence and peace of mind for security-conscious consumers all over the world. 

In addition to the one-click checkout, Heslo is proud to announce Heslo Login; the fast approach to add secure, FIDO-certified biometrics to a website, application, or service to ensure strong passwordless user authentication. Perfect for banks, universities, healthcare, and high-security institutions who need to onboard users quickly while establishing trust; Heslo Login will harness this same powerful technology to integrate passwordless authentication into the workplace.

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to cultivating lasting change for both consumers and e-commerce companies; Heslo’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition. 

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About Heslo

Heslo is the industry leader in providing passwordless identity verification across the internet. Founded in 2020 by Chris McCaw Heslo has cultivated an unmatched experience to effectively redefine the way businesses and consumers interact, ensuring convenience and security at the highest level. Through their FIDO-certified digital trust server, Heslo has introduced Heslo Pay and Heslo Login, integrating passwordless technology to authenticate identity and checkout information for various industries and purposes. The Heslo Open ID Provider allows developers to easily implement or integrate it into their authentication flow to authenticate users.

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