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It might look like an innocuous brown or white brick, but the pleasure it promises makes it one of the most sought-after gifts for all occasions. But is chocolate just about tastefully wrapping or artfully arranged candy? "Not anymore", says blogger Amy Carter, whose blog on her passion for chocolates gets about a thousand hits a day. "I do not offer to sell or buy chocolate. I just collect information about the fun and the exotic, and post them on my blog. The only condition for qualifying for a post on my blog is you have to be a chocoholic and it has got to be about chocolates".

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) April 29th, 2010

London, April 2010 – “Chocolate these days are available in a great many sizes and shapes. If you have the imagination, there is someone out there to make your gift a reality”, says chocolatier Zeba Ahmed, who makes her own chocolates out of her workshop in Hammersmith. So what have been the strangest requests that she has received? “People come to me with various news clippings from websites that detail things attempted with chocolates. I prefer to stick to my own chocolate concoctions and concentrate on getting the mix, crunch and taste just right. But we can”t forget that how the chocolate looks is sometimes just as important as enjoying the chocolate itself”.

A few intensive searches for chocolatiers on the internet will result in some who make truffles in Champagne, Grand Marnier and Cherry Milk flavours, and some that shape their products like handbags and all manner of other forms. Teaming these up with some gold leaf jewelery; earrings and bracelets and chains that are completely edible. Then there are the chocolate perfumes that you could buy to trick your chocoholic brain into consuming less sugar – or perhaps to attract a fellow chocolate lover. The site claims that research shows if you are surrounded by the aroma of chocolate, it can trick your brain into thinking that there is a steady supply of chocolate in your system! How about organising a poker party for your friends with chocolate casino chips fashioned out of the finest Belgian chocolate? This way, the winner gets to eat his earnings. And if not poker, how about Mah-jongg tiles that come in their own customised lacquered Chinese boxes?

If such chocolate innovations do not interest you, there are the more traditional chocolate artists, who can whip up masterpieces out of slabs of chocolate. There is chocolate cheese, which is real cheese and chocolate blended together, to taste a lot like fudge! Or there are the mud pies and the “Death By Chocolate” desserts made out of the best chocolate from Switzerland or Belgium. A slab of chocolate cake with your favourite flavours smoothly blended in can be the slice of heaven that you crave. The options are limitless and the choice entirely yours. All you need to confess is “I love chocolate”.


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