CIR Announces Upcoming Report, The Embedded Optics Market: COBO and Its Alternatives–2017-2026

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CIR is offering a pre-publication discount in advance of the report through the end of May of 2017.

Crozet, VA (PRUnderground) May 1st, 2017

Industry analyst firm CIR has added a new report to its lineup titled, “The Embedded Optics Market: COBO and Its Alternatives–2017-2026” that will be issued in June of 2017. The report will analyze and forecast the role that COBO will have on the success of the next generation of optical networking components. Additional details of the report are available at:

About the Report:

CIR believes embedded optics is on the verge of creating a major business opportunity for the optical components, modules and communications chips companies. Embedded optics has been available as a niche technology for many years, but the recent success of the Consortium for on-Board Optics (COBO) has transported embedded optics into the limelight and has made embedded optics a key focus of firms expecting to build their businesses around next-generation optics.

It is tempting to treat COBO as just another MSA. However, we believe that something a more important is going on here. As we see it, COBO is more similar to the old ATM Forum; an organization that took data communications and telecommunications in a whole new direction. In particular, we have been told for more than 15 years that an essential for high-speed modules is that they be pluggable, while embedded optics teaches completely the opposite doctrine. Embedded optics also imply an entirely new direction for switch design – one in which the optics and electronics are positioned in close proximity.

This is the first industry analysis that looks at the market opportunities that the COBO standards will bring in their wake. It includes:

An assessment of the likely role that COBO standards will have in creating a healthy market for embedded optics going forward. Will other organizations challenge COBO or will pluggable optics find a way to move to much higher data rates without embedded optics? To what degree will integrated optics play a role in the transition in optical datacom that COBO says it will address.

A detailed ten-year forecast of the primary products and markets that will be impacted by the COBO standards and embedded optics more generally. The forecast is both in terms of unit shipments and revenues. In developing these forecasts, we build a roadmap for embedded optics and discuss alternative technology and market scenarios that will impact revenue generation in this area.

A discussion of how important firms in the transceiver space and IC space are likely to adapt their product/market strategies to the embedded optics future. We will also look at how those firms plan to drive embedded optics into smaller data centers and then into telecom. Several important module firms have already said how they plan to leverage the COBO standards and more will follow.

This report is designed for marketing, business development and product managers in components, modules and related businesses. The report will also be useful to professional investors in the optical networking sector who want to better understand what embedded optics will mean to their investments.


Executive Summary

Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: COBO and other Embedded Optics: Drivers and Specifications
2.1 How COBO will create the market for embedded optics
2.2 Market drivers for embedded optics
2.3 Flexible configuration of embedded optics
2.4 Technologies for on-board and board-to-board interconnect in a COBO world
2.5 Evolution of the COBO standards
2.6 Alternative scenarios and the disadvantages of embedded optics

Chapter Three: Markets for Embedded Optics Products: A Ten-Year Forecast
3.1 Forecasting methodology
3.2 Ten-year forecasts of embedded optics by product type
-Forecast of switches using embedded optics
-Lasers and transceivers/modules
-Integrated circuits
-Fiber and interconnect technology
-Cooling devices
3.3 Ten-year forecasts of embedded optics by market
-Hyperscale data centers
-Smaller data centers
-Telecom applications

Chapter Four: Key Firms that will Shape the Embedded Optics Market
4.1 The role of leading switch, server and router companies
4.2 Acacia Communications
4.3 Amphenol
4.4 Centera
4.5 Finisar
4.6 Furukawa Electric
4.7 Hitachi Cable
4.8 Huawei
4.9 Huber + Suhner
4.10 Inphi
4.11 Intel
4.12 Luxtera
4.13 MaCom
4.14 Mellanox
4.15 Microsoft
4.16 Molex
4.17 NEC
4.18 Neophotonics
4.19 Oclaro
4.20 Ranovus
4.21 Rockley Photonics
4.22 Samtec
4.23 Sumitomo Electric
4.24 TE Connectivity
4.25 US Conec
4.26 Xilinx

About CIR Inc

CIR has actively covered optical networking and components since the 1990s having produced and sold industry analysis and forecasting reports to a global roster of companies. Our studies provide detailed assessments of market opportunities, technology developments and future trends. Visit us at for a full list of our reports and services.

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