CIR Announces Upcoming Report, Current and Future Markets for PON, the Evolution to PON 3.0

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The report will be issued the week of September 18th, 2017 and is available at pre-publication rates.

Charlottesville, VA (PRUnderground) August 15th, 2017

Industry analyst firm Communications Industry Researchers has announced an upcoming report that will analyze and forecast the evolution of passive optical network (PON) to its next generation of technology.  The report will be available in September of 2017.  Details of the study titled, “Current and Future Markets for PON, the Evolution to PON 3.0 Technology 2017-2026” can be found at
About the Study:
CIR believes that we are now on the verge of rapid growth in the PON market brought on by new applications and by growing international demand.  Meanwhile, this new “PON revolution” is being enabled by powerful new PON technologies especially XGS-PON and NG-PON. This report identifies the emerging opportunities for the passive optical network (PON) business over the coming decade.  Coverage includes:
An in-depth look at XGS-PON and NG-PON and how their technical and performance advantages will create value for both equipment suppliers and major carriers.  The report will also identify how new directions for PON technology will create new opportunities for optical component suppliers
A discussion of the emerging applications that will provide new business revenues beyond fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployments.  These include business loops, 5G backhaul and even in-building networks. The report also explores the potential for rebranding PONs as a ubiquitous broadband platform
Analysis of the PON deployment strategies of leading carriers worldwide and implications of long-term supply chains that they are establishing with major suppliers.  The report explores whether the future of the PON equipment business will become concentrated in the hands of a few major suppliers or whether there is still room for start-ups
An assessment of how the latest PON technologies and installations are being designed to fit in with other “big picture” developments in the telecommunications industry.  These include the powerful and growing impact of clouds, SDN, and open source equipment – the role of PON software is also discussed
An examination of the current installed base of PONs using mature technologies such as EPON and GPON. Are there still opportunities to be had in this mature space and what strategies will PON equipment and components suppliers, as well as the carriers themselves, adopt to move to the next-generation PON era
Ten-year (volume and value) forecasts of PON equipment, fiber utilized and major components (such as splitters), with breakouts by country/region, type of technology, etc.  Ten-year forecasts for each of the 15 leading countries in terms of PON deployment are also include in this report.  In addition, the report also includes markets shares by carrier and supplier for the emerging PON types.
This report will make invaluable reading for any product, marketing or business development manager actively involved in the PON space, whether they are from carriers, equipment vendors or component firms.  In addition, CIR believes this report will provide considerable guidance to the telecom investment community, which is currently focused on many of the technologies and markets with which this report is concerned.
Study Outline
Executive Summary
Evolution of demand for PONs
Non-traditional applications for PONs:  Beyond FTTH
PON markets expand worldwide
Ten-year roadmap for PON technology:  Beyond NG-PON2
Emerging opportunities for PON optical component firms and chipmakers
New opportunities for PON-related software:  PONs in a software-defined world
The PON value and supply chains
How carriers select PON suppliers
Six firms to watch in the PON world
Market Share Estimates
Market shares of leading PON equipment makers
Market shares of PON deployments by leading carriers
Chapter Two: Emerging PON Technology and Standards
PON standardization
The road to advanced PON
100 Gbps PONs:  Emerging technologies and standards
PONs and the Open Computing Project
PONs, clouds, virtualization and software defined networks
Security and encryption on the PON
Opportunities for PON components makers
2.10 Key points from this chapter
Chapter Three: PON Applications:  Moving Beyond Residential Markets
Business loop applications
4G and 5G backhaul
Possible applications for in-building PON technology
PONs emerging as an integrated broadband platform
Long-reach PONs
Chapter Four: Worldwide Deployments of Emerging PON Technologies: Carrier Plans and Business Models 
North America
Asia and Pacific
Latin America
Impact of smart cities
Chapter Five: Ten-Year Forecast of PON Markets
Ten-year forecast of PON markets by type of equipment and PON technology
Ten-year forecast of PON software
Ten-year forecast of PON chips
Ten-year forecast of PON components by type of component
Ten-year forecast of PON markets by country/region
Ten-year forecast by type of carrier and type of traffic
Chapter Six: Leading Next Gen PON Equipment Suppliers: Products and Strategies
Altice Labs
Google Fiber
Huber + Suhner
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave
PON chipmakers
PON component makers
Emerging Chinese Suppliers

About CIR Inc

CIR has actively covered optical networking and components since the 1990s having produced and sold industry analysis and forecasting reports to a global roster of companies. Our studies provide detailed assessments of market opportunities, technology developments and future trends. Visit us at for a full list of our reports and services.

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