Clarence Moniba announces candidacy for president of Liberia

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Successful Liberian businessman and philanthropist Clarence Moniba announced his candidacy for president in Liberia's upcoming elections. His vision to make Liberia an economic hub in West Africa has already gained wide support in the country.

Monrovia, Liberia (PRUnderground) April 25th, 2023

Moniba’s background and achievements

Clarence Moniba started his career as a construction and infrastructure specialist in Liberia and later expanded his business activities to other sectors such as trade and finance. He became a successful entrepreneur and dedicated philanthropist, committed to improving living conditions in Liberia. In addition, he founded charities to contribute to the development of his country.

Moniba’s vision and plans for Liberia’s economy and education

Moniba’s plans for Liberia aim to create an environment that encourages the creation of new businesses and improves the country’s infrastructure. Another important goal is to promote education to provide Liberians with the necessary skills to succeed in a modern economy. Moniba also believes in fostering collaboration between government, the private sector and civil society to strengthen the country’s economy.

Moniba’s candidacy and support in Liberia

Clarence Moniba’s candidacy has already garnered broad support among Liberians, who see him as a promising candidate for president. His experience as a successful entrepreneur and his commitment to improving Liberia’s economy and education make him a strong candidate for president.


Clarence Moniba’s candidacy for president in Liberia is generating excitement and support in the country. A successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, Moniba has a clear vision for Liberia’s future and plans to make the country an economic hub in West Africa. His commitment to education and fostering collaboration between government, the private sector and civil society make him a promising candidate for president.

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