Clarity, Meaning, and Motivation – Arcletic’s New Goal Setting Pro IMST is Helping Thousands Unlock Their Potential

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The 9-minute IMST, created with the University of Vienna’s leading performance psychology experts, is scientifically proven to inspire growth and personal development

Vienna, Austria (PRUnderground) January 17th, 2023

Another year has come to a close, New Year’s resolutions have been made, goals have been set, and the challenge to maintain motivation grows ever stronger as days roll past. However, without proper vision and clarity, that motivation can quickly falter, resulting in unmet goals. Luckily, one company has spent months researching and developing groundbreaking science-based goal-setting mental trainings to help individuals create goals with strong emotional ties that empower them to commit with enthusiasm.

Arcletic, the industry leader in developing IMSTs (Immersive Mental Skills Trainings) is proud to announce its new Goal Setting Pro – a nine-minute teaching to find clarity, meaning, and intrinsic motivation. Available in the Arcletic app and seamlessly integrated into any busy schedule or while on the go, the Goal Setting Pro is uniquely designed to unlock one’s innermost motivation and potential whilst unleashing a path that feels like destiny.

The Goal Setting Pro wipes away the cobwebs and distractions to reveal and uncover what truly matters most and the beauty of the subconscious desires. Created in collaboration with the University of Vienna and leading performance psychology experts, Arcletic’s IMST training leverages the dopamine system to reinforce goal setting, motivation, productivity, and success.

“I think this IMST has the power to not only help one find meaning or purpose in life, but also bring a huge motivation boost, boost of identity, and self-esteem; knowing who you are (becoming) and what you are after. Not just knowing but FEELING what you are after, what’s your mission in life and who you are becoming is a total game-changer, bringing a lot of optimism and energy with it.” – Stefan Wimmer, Co-Founder, and CEO of Arcletic

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation and unwavering commitment to community, Arcletic’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the Goal Setting Pro IMST.

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About Arcletic

Arcletic is a revolutionary science-based mental training platform for the modern world. Founded by Stefan Wimmer, Sebastian Wimmer, and Dr. Peter Gröpel, Arcletic leverages cutting-edge technology to create IMSTS (Immersive Mental Skills Training) to help improve performance, optimize mental skills, boost productivity, and set attainable goals. Available as audio trainings in the easy-to-use app, Arcletic custom designs IMSTs and mental trainings to change neuronal pathways in the brain sustainably while on the go with live biofeedback on iOS devices.

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