Clear Comfort Night Guards Discusses Increasing Rates of Stress-Related Oral Health Problems

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Clinicians around the world have found more and more people are grinding, chipping, and cracking teeth since COVID began

Woodland Hills, CA (PRUnderground) August 14th, 2022

Clear Comfort Night Guards has been an industry leading dental lab for over a decade, and they’ve noticed a trend that clinicians and studies have also indicated: more people are incurring stress-related dental issues since the onset of the COVID pandemic.

In a study published by the ADA, dentists have reported a 71% increase in teeth grinding and clenching in their patients, as well as a 63% increase in chipped and cracked teeth. 62% more patients are complaining of TMD symptoms as opposed to before the pandemic. Most dentists recommend using a teeth grinding guard to help prevent problems such as these.

The team at Clear Comfort Night Guards agrees. They have seen the results experienced by people who have used their line of specialty night guards for teeth, which include night guards, custom made dental guards, and sports mouth guards. Clear Comfort Night Guard offers mouth guards that are fitted and made with medical-grade materials and FDA-approved. Their guards for teeth are made in the USA and backed by the Clear Comfort guarantee.

One recent customer said, “My insurance didn’t cover my night guard and my son ordered me a custom made night guard online from Clear Comfort at 1/8 the price. I showed it to my dentist, and he told me that it is a well-made night guard. It feels so comfortable and fits in my mouth.”

According to the team at Clear Comfort Night Guards, people need to be sure that they are getting a quality mouth guard at a great price. Insurance won’t always cover these items, so getting one from the dentist isn’t always feasible. In a time when dental issues are on the rise, Clear Comfort Night Guards is working to reduce stress for people by providing a simple, streamlined solution for getting premium quality dental guards at a fraction of the cost.

The ordering process is simple. Customers can call or go online to get their custom dental impression kit shipped directly to their home. Once they receive the package, customers take their own teeth impressions in as little as five minutes. Then, customers place their impression in the prepaid mailer and ship to the Clear Comfort Night Guards lab, where their custom night guard is designed. Once it’s ready, the specialists at Clear Comfort Night Guards ship the customer’s night guard back to them in a carrying case. Their team is on standby to answer any questions and assist at every step of the way.

Clear Comfort Night Guards recommends people speak with their dentist if they believe they are having stress-related dental issues. Once they’re ready for a night guard, they are invited to visit the Clear Comfort Night Guards website and get started on their custom fit night guard. More information can be found at

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Clear Comfort Night Guards is an industry leading dental lab offering dental mouth guards.

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