Clear Ottawa Windows, a 2021 ThreeBestRated award-winning window cleaning company, shares window cleaning tips & tricks

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (PRUnderground) April 8th, 2021

What we think is easy to do usually doesn’t get done or gives us greater challenges than we anticipated. We tend to make mistakes, which may cause unnecessary chaos or damage to the windows. We are often misguided by the cleaning tricks that are available on the internet. Are we all aware of what we can do and what not to do in window cleaning? Let us ask an expert window cleaner about the Dos and Don’ts.

“Do not believe everything you read and see online. Where homemade window cleaning solutions might work for the untrained and inexperienced, they also can create a lot of damage to their glass and frames.”, says Bruce Hulse. Bruce Hulse is the owner of Clear Ottawa Windows, a 2021 ThreeBestRated® window cleaner in Ottawa. Bruce throws some light on where we could use a little improvement to prevent unnecessary headache and what to do instead.

Bruce says, “One trick that can work is using sunlight or dove to clean your windows. Just use about 1/2 s tablespoon worth in about 3 litres of water (sometimes a little more if the windows are very dirty or a little less if they are not).” Bruce advises avoiding the use of any scapers, steel wool pads or anything abrasive. He says, “Such tools can be okay with a trained professional, but in the hand of an amateur, they can seriously scratch the glass.”

Brue implies that it might seem like window cleaning is about aesthetics, but it is actually about proper window maintenance. He says, “Clean windows not only makes you look and feel great but also saves you money. This is because clean windows last longer than dirty ones by protecting the integrity of the glass and seals helping to prevent them from breaking before their age expectancy.”

About Clear Ottawa Windows – Ottawa, ON

Clear Ottawa Windows is an Exterior cleaning and Gutter Installation company that has been in business since 2010. They specialize in not just treating the symptoms but the cause. They had been employing an innovative technique to clean windows, which allows the windows to stay cleaner longer, as it resists dirt.

Bruce believes that little innovations add up into a greater whole. They offer gutter inspections to all their gutter cleaning clients, which helps clients to see, understand, and take action on the root cause of their gutter challenges. It saves them hundreds of thousands in costly repairs to their homes every year.

Clear Ottawa Windows has well-trained employees who can deliver exceptional services. Bruce is proud of his team. He says, “The proudest moment of my career is making a company where others can grow into it. My company is only ten years old, but my most senior employee has been with us for eight years, and I have two others that have been with us for seven years and another who has been with us for five years. This is the biggest reason we have been able to grow while still maintaining our quality.”

Clear Ottawa Windows has won the 2021 ThreeBestRated® award for best window cleaners in Ottawa and has been a recipient of this award for the past four years. Bruce is thrilled to receive the award. He says, “This has been the greatest award I have won in my business career.” They can easily pull off the toughest of cleaning or washing jobs. To get in touch, visit their website –

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